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Magical night for EuroTvB Lavrio ends up against the wall

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Nutribullet continues its unbeaten run at Palaverde: 6/6 The Greeks fall apart in the second half: on Tuesday there is game-2 in Piraeus


Well done. Because scoring almost 90 at the Lavrio is not for everyone. Because coming back after 16 days and three defeats is not easy. And above all because having won race one especially in the fourth period denotes a good mental and athletic stability. The answers that were wanted from Treviso Basket all arrived, and they were also convincing. Palaverde in Europe remains undefeated. Coach Menetti, negativized in the morning, was regularly in his place, Tabellini bear with us, it will be for another time. Sokolowski instead was on the bench for signing honor. But, beyond the individuals, the collective attitude in moments of difficulty was liked: serenity, concentration, lucidity sufficient to earn match ball in Greece, in 5 days.

At the initial 5-0 of the 2 ‘, which for once presaged a non-handicap start, the Greek reply is peremptory: 9-0. Here Sims lights up with 7 points but it is the defense that suffers a little too much, against the worst attack of the Champions League (68.5). The Lavrio away will also be 0-3 but you can see that they are an experienced, rocky team, they know how to feel good on the pitch and on stray balls they often arrive first. Akele sees himself again at 6’57 “but it is Dimsa who with three triples packs the 9-0 of 23-18 at 9 ‘. However, it is hard to shake off a sticky, physical, cunning opponent who knows how to be fouled, if not even to score, a few seconds from the 24 “.

TvB actually remains in front but never with more than 7-8 points, Casarin, already with his bags ready for Verona, enters the fourth quarter final and commits two fouls, brought to school by Corey Sanders, the ex from Trieste. Gradually, and it is inevitable, the game is enriched with contacts, thrusts, competition in short grows and this is clearly only wounded ground for the Greeks. In any case, the referees whistle what they see, too bad it is not a great evening from the line. And the contribution of Bortolani is still missing (he will do much again in the second half), while Russell, who had started pretty well, then wraps himself up: he too will grow up at the right time.

It is clear that the +8 in the middle of the game is an encouraging margin but far from reassuring, Nutribullet knows that she will have to defend hard and, above all, run away quickly in the opponent’s field. Sims meanwhile puts the bomb of +11, Sanders responds with 7 points and then we are always there. Another double figure arrives at 56-45 (triple by Russell) but there is always some opponent who knows how to mend. In short, it is a rubber band race: our crews turn the half-hour mark on a little reassuring +6, an omen of a fourth battle period. It won’t be exactly like that.

The Lavrio now makes the mistake of putting his hands on him a little too much, committing 4 fouls in 3 minutes and this is the beginning of his end. Nutribullet exploits it and in fact the unsportsmanlike Smith starts the strong break, the one that brings the maximum advantage, 79-61, is the 36 ‘and this is already an important, indeed decisive, nest egg: confirmed that the Greeks have none more. Sims does loot, the gap remains close to the fan and touches him on 85-65 with the usual Sims, the evening then takes on increasingly favorable contours in Treviso, which from here on out all in all does not have too much difficulty in bringing home the first round. Now it’s up to two away matches in three days, Saturday in Bologna and Tuesday in Piraeus: in the first the Italian Cup is decided, in the second the Champions League. Come on guys. –

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