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Magistris with applause Lucrezia wins gold Lavinia touches the podium

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The two sisters of the Pavese in evidence to the Italians The major wins the third tricolor title in a row


Lucrezia Magistris wins the absolute Italian weight title in the category up to kg. 59, while the younger sister Lavinia touches the podium closing in fourth place. The challenge for the tricolor between the sisters of the Pavese Gymnastics saw the prevailing, therefore, the more adult Lavinia, 22, already an established blue weightlifter, but the fifteen-year-old Lavinia, the second youngest athlete in Italy who qualified for the national championships, did not at all disfigured.

The last event of 2021

The San Marino races were the last national weightlifting event of 2021, the first after the pandemic. The 115th edition took place on the international stage of the Multieventi Sport Domus of the Republic of Titano. Lucrezia and Lavinia, this time had to compete in the same weight category: the one up to 59kg. The first to enter the platform was little Lavinia, not yet sixteen, who led an excellent race, head to head with Sara Corradin from Carpi; Lavinia manages to win it with 72 kg of snatch and 85 kg of momentum, surpassing the Emilian athlete by 2 kg on the total.

“Lavinia – explains the coach Emanuela Alberti – has shown that she still has room for growth, which bodes well for the future”. Lucrezia goes to the platform to repeat the Italian champion titles won in the last two years. He competes alone in the snatch, leading with 90kg, then he has to pull out his nails to win the gold in the momentum; “Lulu” however does not give up and reaches the goal with 198 kg total (90 + 108). «Great proof of Lucrezia. We are very satisfied with these splendid results of the Magistris sisters, who give prestige to the weightlifting section of the Pavese – concludes Alberti – In the coming weeks we will still be busy with the competition and the collegiate of the little ones, testimony that our company continues to work splendidly for the future by focusing on the youth sector “. –

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