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Mainland disabled athlete Li Xiaoxiao was killed and killed | disabled athlete | killed with a knife | boyfriend

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[Epoch Times December 17, 2021]Recently, Li Xiaoxiao, a Chinese disabled table tennis player, was killed by his ex-boyfriend with a knife. His parents were also injured during the obstruction.

China Jimu News reported on December 17 that on October 30, Li Xiaoxiao returned to his hometown from Xi’an after participating in the Paralympic Games. Li Xiaoxiao’s friend, Ms. Huang, said that Li Xiaoxiao’s ex-boyfriend went to her home with a knife on the 31st and stabbed her to death. In the process, her parents stepped forward and were also injured.

It has been more than a year since the man involved and Li Xiaoxiao had formal contact, and he just broke up some time ago.

At about 12 noon on the 17th, Li Xiaoxiao’s mother said that after she and her husband were injured, the villagers had collected some medical expenses. At present, the money was running out, and they had to leave the hospital to recuperate in advance.

Currently, Li Xiaoxiao’s body is still in the funeral home. “The child has not yet entered the soil for safety, and my injury is not healed, so I don’t want to talk too much at the moment.” Li Xiaoxiao’s mother said.

According to a report by Beijing Youth Daily, Li Xiaoxiao’s friend, Ms. Huang, showed her chat history with Li Xiaoxiao’s mother, showing that Li’s mother thought the man was delicious and lazy, but the other party always said he wanted to change, so they forgave him and went back to his hometown in Shandong together. Preparing for the wedding. In the process of preparing for the wedding, the man did not work, the conflict between the two sides deepened, and later Xiaoxiao proposed to break up. After breaking up, Xiaoxiao’s family never contacted each other again.

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On October 30, Li Xiaoxiao’s family returned to their hometown in Shandong from Xi’an. The man went to the door on the morning of October 31 and stabbed Xiaoxiao with a knife. Mother Li, who was still in the yard at the time, hurried home, but was stabbed in the liver by the man during the blockade. Xiaoxiao’s father also cut his hands when he took the knife.

After the incident, the man involved has been arrested.

A mainland netizen said, “It’s really cruel!” “Is this still a human?” “Beasts are not as good as rubbish.” “The murderer must be severely punished.”

Public information shows that Li Xiaoxiao is a Chinese disabled table tennis player. In October this year, she represented Shanxi in the table tennis event of the 11th Paralympic Games and won the silver medal in women’s TT1 (wheelchair group) table tennis doubles.

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