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Malaysia Sends 89 Athletes to Hangzhou Asian Games in Pursuit of Medals

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Malaysia Sends 89 Athletes to Hangzhou Asian Games in Pursuit of Medals

Malaysian Delegation of 89 Athletes Departs for Hangzhou Asian Games

Kuala Lumpur, September 21 – The Malaysian representative team comprising of 89 athletes in eight different sports set off for Hangzhou Asian Games on Thursday. Amidst great excitement and determination, the athletes embarked on their journey to represent their country with pride.

The Malaysian Olympic Council’s Vice President, Datuk Wilanul Aziz, highlighted that the athletes are not embarking on a vacation, but are aiming for excellent results to avoid disappointing their fellow countrymen. This statement came during the departure ceremony held at the Bukit Jalil National Sports Council.

The Hangzhou Asian Games are scheduled to take place from September 23 to October 8. To mark the departure of the Malaysian delegation, the National Sports Council organized a ceremony, bidding the athletes farewell. The team will be competing in a total of eight events.

The contingent includes 27 talented players from Hockey, 8 players from Water Sports, 7 players from Esports, 15 players from Sepak Takraw, 12 players from Shooting, 1 player from Wushu, 15 players from Rugby, and 4 players from Taekwondo. This morning, the athletes were escorted to the airport in a fleet of Proton-sponsored cars, consisting of 9 X90s, 14 X70s, and 7 X50s.

Noor Azmi, an official bidding farewell to the departing runners, expressed his joy in witnessing the aspirations of the players. He stated that although the Malaysian delegation has not set a specific goal for winning gold medals, the athletes showcased great ambition, determination, and enthusiasm before commencing their journey.

Addressing the allegations suggesting that the players were going on vacation, Noor Azmi vehemently denied them. He emphasized that every competition holds specific objectives, and the athletes will give their all to achieve them. While the color of the medals remains uncertain, the team has set their sights on achieving the overall goal of 27 medals.

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Noor Azmi said, “We have team goals, and it will depend on the competition to determine if we meet the standards required. I believe that the players and team members are definitely not going on vacation. They will go all out to compete for medals.”

The departure of the Malaysian delegation to the Hangzhou Asian Games signifies a proud moment for the nation. Malaysians eagerly await the achievements and successes of their talented athletes in the upcoming sporting extravaganza.

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