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Manchester City preview: Blue Moon rushes to the top league record, Sterling looks forward to 5 consecutive cuts

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Original title: Manchester City preview: Blue Moon rushes to the top league record, Sterling looks forward to 5 consecutive cuts

At 4:15 am on December 30th, Beijing time, the 20th round of the Premier League of the 2021-2022 season started a focused battle. Manchester City went to an away game against Brentford.

Confrontation record

The two teams have only met twice in various competitions before. It was the second round of the League Cup in the 1989-1990 season. Manchester City lost 1-2 in the first leg, but 4-1 in the second leg. Defeat the little bee to advance.

Aspect 1: Blue Moon vowed to take 10 consecutive victories to hit the top league record

In the last Boxing Day battle, Manchester City scored 4 goals early in the first 25 minutes, but they almost overturned in the second half and Fox City staged a Jedi counterattack. Fortunately, they stabilized the situation and defeated their opponent 6-3. 9 consecutive Premier League victories. In this campaign, facing the newly promoted Brentford, the Blue Moon soldiers had only one goal, and that was to continue to score three points and win ten consecutive victories. They have not met their opponents in the Premier League before. The Bees played very well at the beginning of the season, but their momentum has slowed recently. After two league games have been postponed, they have lost to Chelsea and Brighton one after another.

Facing the defending champion in the league, Brentford won half of the games (5 wins, 3 draws and 2 losses). This game is the last game of the year, and the Bees also have excellent home closing results. Since 2005, Brentford has achieved 5 wins and 3 draws unbeaten in these 8 games. However, these may be unsustainable in the face of Manchester City in the midst of the sky. While Blue Moon is hitting ten consecutive victories, there is also a top league record waiting for them to rewrite, that is, the top league scoring record in natural years. In 2021, Manchester City has scored 112 goals in the Premier League. Before that, only Tottenham (114 goals) and Wolves (113 goals) surpassed them in 1960. For Blue Moon, who has blasted 17 goals in the past three Premier League games, it does not seem difficult to rewrite.

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Aspect 2: Refreshing personal record, Sterling looks forward to 5 consecutive cuts

In the 6-3 victory over Leicester City, Sterling also played well. Not only did he create a penalty to score him, but he also scored another goal before the final to complete the double ring. 103 goals surpassed Mane and became the 30th in the history of the Premier League. Throughout December, Sterling has scored 5 goals and is the player with the most goals in the Premier League this month. Sterling, who had almost sat on the bench, seems to be back. In the last 4 Premier League games, Sterling has scored all goals. This is also his personal first since September 2017. The happy football spokesperson has now become the Manchester City team with 9 goals in all competitions. The number two shooter.

For Sterling in this game, there is a personal record that needs to be refreshed. As long as he scores a goal in this game, it will be his first personal score in the Premier League for 5 consecutive rounds. Recently, Glarish and Foden were put into the cold palace by Guardiola due to off-court factors. Sterling’s chances are completely guaranteed, depending on the performance of the Englishman.

Injury report

Brentford: Zanka (injured), Age (injured), Raya (injured), Goode (injured), Henry (injured), Da Silva (injured), Rico Henry (injured) ), Nuoergao (suspended)

Manchester City: Stones (injured), Walker (to be determined), Rodri (suspected), Mendy (suspended)

Predicted starter

Brentford (352): 40-Fernandez/5-Pinnock, 18-Jansson, 29-Sorensen/7-Kanos, 26-Baptiste, 15-Oneka, 14-Goodos, 2-Thompson/17-Tony, 11-Visa

Manchester City (433): 31-Edson/27-Cancelo, 3-Ruben Dias, 6-Aker, 11-Zinchenko/8-Gondoan, 25-Fernandini Austria, 17- De Bruyne/26- Mahrez, 9-Jesus, 7- SterlingReturn to Sohu to see more

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