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Manchester City preview: Lan Yue hopes to cut toffee in nine consecutive cuts and missed the new crown infection_Everton

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Original title: Manchester City prospects: Lan Yue hopes nine consecutive cuts of toffee Ding Ding’s new crown infection is sidelined

At 22:00 on November 21st, Beijing time, the 12th round of the 2021-2022 Premier League match kicked off at the Etihad Stadium. Manchester City played against Everton at home.

Confrontation record

The two teams have played against 115 times in various competitions before. Blue Moon has an advantage with 47 wins, 28 draws and 40 losses. In the Premier League, the two teams have played a total of 48 times. Manchester City has 21 wins, 9 draws and 18 losses. Also leading the toffee.

Aspect 1: Facing Toffee Lanyue looking forward to 9 consecutive cuts

After the international game day, Manchester City ushered in Toffee Everton at home. This team used to be a very difficult team in the Premier League, because of all the teams that have not won the Premier League, Everton can be called the defending champion killer because they are the ball that beats the defending champion the most. team. Toffees have defeated such an opponent 14 times in the league. The most recent time they defeated their city rivals and defending champion Liverpool in the league last season. However, Toffee has no good way to face Manchester City in the near future. They have suffered an 8-game losing streak against Blue Moon in all competitions, and a 7-game losing streak in the Premier League. During this period Manchester City blasted 21 goals and only lost 5 goals. In addition, Toffees’ recent record is also quite bad, they have 2 draws and 3 losses in the last 5 Premier League games without a win. And Manchester City certainly hope to beat Everton at home and achieve 9 consecutive cuts. Currently they are 6 points behind Chelsea in the standings (the Blues play one game first). Manchester City must win the victory and chase after each other, or they will be opened up by their opponents, and there are also the eye-catching West Ham United and Liverpool behind.

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Highlight two: Tintin’s new crown infection misses the Guashuai vs. Benitez

This round of International Match Day is not friendly to Manchester City. Because Glarish has a minor injury, he may not be able to play, and Foden also has a problem with his leg. The worst is that De Bruyne has contracted the new crown. Guardiola said at a press conference that Tintin tested positive for the Belgian national team’s new crown. At present, the Belgian international can only observe and recover. He will definitely not be able to play in this game, and that Manchester City will have a match with Paris in the next week. In the Champions League team title battle, De Bruyne is also likely to continue to be absent because of the new crown. Fortunately, they still have Jesus. The Brazilian striker can be called an Everton killer. In the eight Premier League matches against Toffees, Jesus scored 8 goals, averaging 69 minutes. Score a goal. Everton is the team that scored the most goals against a single team in the Jesus Premier League.

In addition, this game is also an opportunity for Guardiola and Benitez to face off against each other. However, the two coaches did not face-to-face confrontation many times. There were only 4 times in total. Lead. However, the most recent match was precisely when Benitez won, and he led the Magpies to defeat Guashuai’s Blue Moon.

Injury report

Manchester City: De Bruyne (injured), Torres (injured), Glarish (suspected), Foden (suspected), Mendy (banned)

Everton: Mina (injured), Gomez (injured), Lewin (injured), Davis (injured), Dukure (injured), Holgate (suspended), Sigurz Loose (banned)

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Predict the starting

Manchester City (442): 31-Edson/2-Walker, 3-Dias, 14-Laporte, 27-Cancelo/8-Gondoan, 16-Rodri, 20-Bernardo -Silva/26- Mahrez, 9-Jesus, 7- Sterling

Everton (451): 1-Pickford/23-Coleman, 22-Godfrey, 5-Kean, 12-Digne/14-Townsend, 8-Delph, 6-Alan, 16-Ducure, 11-Gray/7-RichardsonReturn to Sohu to see more


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