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Manchester City swept away the haze to welcome the League home starter and return to 5-goal victory mode_Suss

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Original title: Manchester City swept away the haze to welcome the League home starter and return to 5-goal victory mode

After losing to Tottenham in the opening game of the league, Manchester City’s team suffered a rare trough. Together with Arsenal, they became the only team to lose in BIG6, while the main title rivals Manchester United, Chelsea and Liverpool all won. Counting the Champions League finals and the Community Shield Cup, they have lost three consecutive games. If they lose to Norwich in this upset, then Blue Moon will suffer a four-game losing streak in all competitions and become August 2006. For the first time, the soldiers of the Blue Moon certainly did not want to copy the embarrassing record 15 years ago.

Guardiola’s starting lineup has undergone significant adjustments. The Spaniard continued to start Glarish, while Sterling, who overlapped with 10 in the previous game, sat on the bench. The right back was replaced by Walker, while Cancelo moved to the left as a left back. The most unexpected adjustment was Jesus. After the Brazilian entered the starting list, everyone’s judgment was that Jesus would be the forward striker in the middle, but he did not expect the Brazilian to start the work of a winger on the right. It is this rather unexpected adjustment that has achieved great success today. Jesus made 3 goals in the entire game and became the biggest contributor to Blue Moon’s win.

In the first half, Jesus received the transfer ball from Rodri and swept the ball towards the goal, causing Norwich to have an own goal. Subsequently, Jesus’ two assists were as if they were withdrawn. Walker sent a through ball. The Brazilian moved forward to get rid of the defender and sent the ball to the goal. The assists for Glarish and Sterling both gained their first goal of the season. In addition, Laporte and Mahrez also scored goals one after another, helping the team finally win a 5-0 victory over their opponents.

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Judging from the data of the whole game, Manchester City can be described as occupying an overwhelming advantage. Regardless of the number of shots (16-1), the number of shots (4-0) or the ball possession rate (67.3%-32.7%), Blue Moon is far ahead. This game can be called a crushing victory. In the last 4 league home games against the Canaries, Manchester City blasted 19 goals. In addition to defeating their opponents 2-1 in 2015, 5 goals were Blue Moon’s lowest consumption. In fact, the more important thing in this game is that Manchester City proved to the world by taking all 3 points that whether or not Kane will join the team, regardless of whether there is a center or not, based on the team’s current lineup level, as long as the team performs normally, They are one of the strongest competitors.Return to Sohu to see more

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