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Manchester United Preview: Cristiano Ronaldo rushes 800 goals in desperate need of victory to return to the blood, so handsome self-help battle_Watford

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Original title: Manchester United preview: Ronaldo rushes 800 goals in urgent need of victory in the battle to save himself

At 23:00 on November 20th, Beijing time, the 12th round of the 2021-22 Premier League game is about to kick off. The Red Devils Manchester United go to the away game against Watford. This campaign is very important for Manchester United. After a sad international match day, the Red Devils Ace Cristiano Ronaldo desperately needs a victory to ease his emotions, and Manchester United coach Solskjaer also hopes to use a victory to keep his own. Handsome.

History of confrontation

In history, the two sides played against each other 14 times, and Manchester United had the absolute upper hand with 12 wins and 2 losses. In Watford home games, the two sides played 7 times, Manchester United 5 wins and 2 losses. In the past 7 matches, Manchester United 6 wins and 1 loss. Last season, the two sides faced off in two rounds. Manchester United defeated the opponent 3-0 at home and lost 0-2 on the away game.

Aspect 1: Cristiano Ronaldo needs victory to ease emotions

The international match day that just passed was extremely depressing for Ronaldo. After being beaten by his opponents, Portugal missed the chance to directly qualify for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar and will face a terror play-off of 12 to 3. According to previous media reports, after failing to qualify for the World Cup in Qatar, Ronaldo experienced mood swings and became very negative. He has been complaining to his former Manchester United teammates about his unhappy life at Old Trafford and is very upset with the Red Devils coach Solskjaer. Cristiano Ronaldo moved from Juventus to Manchester United this summer. Although he continued to perform well, making 12 appearances and scoring 9 goals and 1 assist. However, the Red Devils’ results were extremely bad. After 11 rounds of the league, they only scored 5 wins and 2 Draw 4 losses, with 17 points ranking sixth, 9 points behind Chelsea, the championship is basically hopeless. In this case, in this game against Watford, Ronaldo urgently needs a victory to ease his negative emotions.

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Aspect 2: Solskjaer’s self-salvation battle

At this stage, the Red Devils’ ranking in the Premier League standings has fallen out of the Champions League. They only scored 5 wins, 2 draws and 4 losses in 11 rounds, accumulating 17 points. -0 Tottenham), the rest of the games were either tied or lost. The home score was quite bad, losing 0-1 to Aston Villa, 0-5 Liverpool, 0-2 Manchester City, 1-1 Everton, away. It is 2-4 Leicester City. In the face of top championship teams such as the Red Army and Blue Moon, the Red Devils showed that the gap in grasping opportunities is not a little bit. Coach Solskjaer is already facing a crisis of dismissal. But now the Red Devils have not found a suitable candidate, and Suo Shuai also refuses to take the initiative to dismiss get out of class, and firmly believes that he can reverse the decline. For Suo San, playing against the underdog Watford has naturally become a battle for his self-salvation.

Aspect 3: Cristiano Ronaldo hits the 800-ball milestone

After returning to Manchester United, Cristiano Ronaldo will once again launch an impact towards 800 goals in his career. At present, Cristiano Ronaldo is 2 goals away from this goal. Since joining Manchester United in 2003, Ronaldo has faced the newly promoted team 91 times in his career. He scored 83 goals and assisted 21 times, averaging more than 1 goal per game. In the past 14 league matches against newly promoted, Ronaldo scored 20 goals efficiently. Therefore, in the face of underdogs like Watford, Ronaldo is naturally expected to hit his 800-ball milestone. But compared to personal data, Cristiano Ronaldo is more hopeful than a victory.

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Pre-match sound

Solskjaer: We know that bad performance in the previous period will put us under pressure, but we should enjoy this pressure. This should make us a better team and allow the players to perform at their best level. This is A game worth enjoying. I don’t know how many games we played away. We lost to Leicester City, but we need to gain confidence from the unbeaten record before that. This game against Watford is very important, just like every game in the Premier League. Our mentality has not changed. We like to play and win. When we left Old Trafford 13 days ago, no one was happy, but we have one game after another. We are a very determined and dedicated team. We have done some work and hope that we can see this in the game against Watford.

Injury report

Watford: Kabasele (injury), Ceralta (injury), Itaibo (injury), Ken Saima (injury), Baa (injury), Kuzka (stop), Ozan- Tufan (injury)

Manchester United: Varane (injury), Cavani (injury), Pogba (stop), McTominay (suspected injury), Rashford (suspected injury), Luke Shaw (suspected injury)

Predict the starting

Watford (4-4-1-1): Foster/Ross, Nkulu, Cascade, Femenia/Dennis, Sissoko, Cleverly, Sara/Pedro /Joshua King

Manchester United (4-2-3-1): De Gea/Wan-Bissaka, Lindelof, Maguire, Luke Shaw/McTominai, Van der Beck/Sancho, B Fee, Ma Charles/C RonaldoReturn to Sohu to see more


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