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Manchester United will pay 7.5 million pounds for Zinedine Zidane’s contract to claim 5th in Premier League

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Original title: Manchester United will pay 7.5 million pounds for Zidane’s additional contract to claim the fifth position in the Premier League

On November 21st, Beijing time, with Manchester United’s 1-4 defeat to Watford, the headlines of major British media were flooded with news about Solskjaer’s dismissal. Although the news has not been officially confirmed, everything seems to be all right. Moving in this direction.

According to British media reports, after this game, there will be an urgent board meeting, and the main topics of the meeting are related to Solskjaer’s dismissal of get out of class and the appointment of a new coach.

Manchester United needs a little bit of time, so Fletcher will get the post of interim coach, and Carrick is his first assistant.

Zidane is now the leader in the selection of coaches, but the French themselves have some reservations about assuming this role in the middle of the season. Manchester United need to be more enthusiastic. It is not ruled that they will improve certain aspects of the contract to attract former Real Madrid. The coach finally came to vote.

“The Times” said that the Glazer family has given the club officials a task, hoping that they will try their best to get Zidane to come to Old Trafford, and this effort includes the option to increase his contract.

The matter about Solskjaer is more like the dust has settled. The only thing worthy of media coverage and discussion seems to be his liquidated damages. The British media generally claim that Solskjaer will receive a compensation of 7.5 million pounds in order to achieve relative peace. Break up.

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This compensation is relatively high, because Suo Shuai just renewed a new contract with Manchester United this summer. If you consider this number as Solskjaer’s annual salary, it will rank fifth in the Premier League. Only Guardiola, Klopp, Rogers and Bielsa’s annual salary will be higher than this number.Return to Sohu to see more


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