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Manolo Pat, words with honey for Da Rold Belluno

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Manolo Pat at the streaming of Prata Pordenone

The man from Belluno trains the young players of Prata Pordenone and on Sunday he was in Lambioi after commenting on Macerata, the next opponent of the Bellunesi

“Belluno can only improve and become a formidable team”.

This is the thought of Manolo Pat from Belluno, a former Sedicense volleyball player and now a coach in Prata di Pordenone, in the nursery of the A3 team (future opponent of the Da Rold volley team).

But it is also the thought shared by Dante Boninfante, the former Serie A setter, now coach of Prata, who was present with Pat at the Spes Arena on Sunday evening to watch the match between Belluno and Pineto. Pineto (victorious 3-1 in Lambioi) will be the next opponent of the Pordenone team. The people of Belluno, on the other hand, are expected from the trip to Macerata, which on their debut beat Pordenone at the tie-break.

«Belluno seems to me a very balanced team», Manolo Pat comments, «a team that has no outstanding athlete, but can count on a good staff, complete in all departments. I think he can fight for salvation, but he will have to try to make the Spes Arena a fort, like the old De Mas was, where the opponents find it hard to take away points ».

What worked best in Sunday’s match against Pineto? Is there any player who has impressed you positively?

«I really liked the power plants», continues Pat, «even if they were used little, I also really liked Candeago, which is always a certainty. I think that if the team is able to play more in the center and serve softer balls, therefore with more trajectories, in Candeago and at the sides in general, then they can do very well ».

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What, on the other hand, worked less well, in your opinion? Did you expect something better from someone?

«I expected much more from the opposite De Santis. Probably », Pat speculates,« he paid for the emotional tension of the first game with the new team, but I thought he could do something more. Even the setter Maccabruni managed the game with low and too tense balls from the second set onwards, when he wanted to force a little too many balls into the band. For both the excuse that it was the first match with the new team is valid, so I want to see the continuation of the championship: you cannot judge from a single match. In this one things have not worked out, but already from the next they can arrange the agreement better. The wall was too thick in the wrong position and the reception also wobbled. Fortunately, these are all things that can be fixed in the gym and the technical staff and the team have the right mentality to work and solve problems ».

The day before, Saturday evening, Manolo Pat commented for Legavolley.tv the match between Prata Pordenone and Macerata. The Marche are the next opponents of Da Rold Belluno.

«Macerata is a great team», warns the coach, who this year leads together with Gian Luca Colussi an Under 19 men’s team born from the collaboration between Prata and Cordenons, «which aims to move up in the category. They have as their strength the opposite Angel Dennis, the 44-year-old Cuban who still makes his beautiful figure in a Serie A parquet. too much mistake on their part but all in all they are a very, very solid team ».

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What is the goal of Prata (a team that Belluno will find in the last round of the championship)?

«Prata’s goal is to enter the playoffs and make the youngsters grow. Not surprisingly, we are playing with two boys from 2004 in the starting sextet, Boninfante and Porro, who are in the under 19 national team. The average age of the team is around 23, so we are a very, very young team ».

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