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Many Chinese swimmers tested positive?World Anti-Doping Agency refutes rumors-Sports-China Engineering Network

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Many Chinese swimmers tested positive? World Anti-Doping Agency refutes rumors

Recently, reports surfaced from foreign media alleging that numerous swimmers in China tested positive for the stimulant trimetazidine in 2021 but faced no consequences. However, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has stepped in to debunk these rumors.

According to WADA, the China Anti-Doping Center promptly reported the test results to WADA after the incident occurred. Following a thorough investigation, it was determined that the positive tests were due to contamination rather than intentional doping. WADA reviewed the findings and supported the conclusion, labeling the initial reports as “misleading and potentially defamatory.”

The controversy arose during the National Swimming Championships held in Hebei Province in January 2021 when some athletes tested positive for trace amounts of trimetazidine. The China Anti-Doping Center launched a comprehensive investigation, which revealed that the athletes unknowingly ingested the substance through contaminated food at the event.

WADA emphasized that the China Anti-Doping Center abided by the necessary protocols, promptly informing WADA and FINA of the investigation’s progress and sharing all relevant evidence. After conducting a detailed review, WADA concurred with the contamination explanation and supported the decision not to penalize the athletes involved.

In response to the allegations, WADA released a statement condemning the “misleading and potentially defamatory” media reports regarding the Chinese swimmers’ positive test results for trimetazidine. WADA clarified that it thoroughly examined the incident and consulted scientific experts to verify the contamination theory.

Moreover, WADA highlighted that the United States Anti-Doping Agency’s claim of a cover-up related to the incident was baseless. The China Anti-Doping Center had reported and resolved the matter nearly two years ago, and both WADA and FINA had conducted a comprehensive review to ensure transparency and accountability.

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The China Anti-Doping Center affirmed its commitment to maintaining integrity, professionalism, and anti-doping standards in line with global regulations. The Center vowed to continue its efforts in combatting doping to uphold fair play and athlete well-being in sports competitions.

In light of the ongoing situation, WADA and the China Anti-Doping Center remain vigilant in addressing any misinformation and standing up for the truth in the pursuit of clean and equitable sportsmanship.

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