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‘Maradona buried without heart’: the revelation is from an Argentine doctor

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According to the doctor Nelson Castro, the organ was extracted to better study the causes of Diego’s death

In three days, a year will have passed since the death of Diego Armando Maradona. A death due to “acute pulmonary edema resulting from heart failure”, as stated on the death report. But now Argentina is experiencing a sensational indiscretion from the doctor and journalist Nelson Castro, who has just published a book entitled “Diego’s health: the true story”.


When asked on live TV if Maradona had been buried without his heart “, Castro replied yes, also revealing a crazy plan to steal the heart of the Diez:” There was a group of ultras from Gimnasia who were planning to raid and extract the heart but they failed. But his heart was extracted to study it and to understand the cause of death. So yes, he was buried without a heart ”. Could it be true? We will see further developments.


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