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Marc Marquez: That’s why I didn’t attack Lorenzo in Valencia 2015 in the MotoGP

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Marc Marquez: That’s why I didn’t attack Lorenzo in Valencia 2015 in the MotoGP

Marc recalls the epilogue of that difficult MotoGP championship: “It’s not true that I didn’t want to overtake Jorge”. He then admits on the 2022 season: “I didn’t have the head and the physique to ride at the top”

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Marc Marquez has always had an eye for the past. From a very young age he studied the exploits of the 500cc and MotoGP champions and then replicated them on the track. Now, almost thirty years old, he draws on experience to return to star after the injuries of recent seasons. The Spaniard, eight times king in the World Championship, confided in GQlooking back over the last few years. And from the past he has drawn inspiration for a new dig at the great rival Valentino Rossi. The topic of the debate is always the same: 2015 and the beginning of the sporting war with the Italian.


The story is well known: on the eve of the Malaysian GP, ​​here are the accusations of the leader Rossi who pointed to Marquez as the main ally in Jorge Lorenzo’s championship comeback. The controversy flared up until the last race, in Valencia. Here the Italian complained about the behavior of the Honda rider, who never attacked Lorenzo, favoring his final success. Marc provides his point of view: “It’s not true that I didn’t want to pass him, but attempting a similar maneuver meant running a big risk for both of us.” Then the lunge, as hard as overtaking in a heated tussle: “What would I change about that year? Perhaps it would change the way Valentino handled the end of the year. It happens when a driver isn’t the fastest on the track and tries to stir things up to see what he can pick up on.”

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the doubts of marc

Marquez also confides about the difficult 2022, the year of the fourth operation on his right humerus: “I don’t even know how I managed to compete initially. I didn’t have the head in the competition, neither the head nor the physique. The operation? His arm didn’t seem to progress. So we did other tests with which we noticed the 34° rotation of the bone”. Not everyone was in favor of returning to surgery: “I explained to my grandfather that it would be the last attempt.” And what are Marc’s goals now? The Spaniard explains: “Let’s see what happens in the first race in March. Then I’ll know what works with my arm. It won’t be completely 100% healthy, but it’s important that it’s functional and perfect for riding.” In short, Marquez takes his time, but the former king is still hungry for victories.

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