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Marquez, pole of heart and talent. And now passing it will not be easy for anyone

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Marquez, pole of heart and talent.  And now passing it will not be easy for anyone

The Spaniard gave a show in qualifying on a wet track, confirming that the quality is always the same. The Honda remains a difficult bike, but in the race the eight-time world champion does not want to cease to amaze

Massimo Falcioni

– motegi (japan)

Wherever he is, Soichiro Honda will be happy with the pole made today in MotoGP at Motegi by Marc Marquez: a real exploit, just 74 years after the founding of the House of the Golden Wing, on 24 September 1948. The race is tomorrow and everything can happen, but in the meantime the news is there and comes from qualifying on a wet track with Marc Marquez’s best time of 1’55 “214. In the wet, the differences between the bikes flatten out and the clockwork and the heart run better. It is not that the wet makes driving easier or the higher lap times reduce the risks: it is exactly the opposite. And this gives even more value to this (unexpected) performance of a champion who has demonstrated and demonstrates with the facts of not having lost the luster of his best days and not wanting to give up.

proof of value

Thus, after the accident in Jerez on 19 July 2020 and 114 days after the 4th intervention on the humerus of the right arm and the “disaster” of last Sunday in the first lap of Aragon, Marc Marquez returns after 3 years (in pole right at Motegi in 2019) in front of everyone in qualifying starting tomorrow in the race first of the front row in front of Zarco and Binder with the title challengers behind: Aleix Espargaro 6th last second row (1’55 “771), Quartararo 9th last third row (1’56 “326), Bagnaia 12th last fourth row (1’57” 373), Bastianini 15th last fifth row (1’56.130). Yes, the race is tomorrow and we can also say that today in the wet qualifying the riders fighting for the title (Quartararo, Espargaro, Bagnaia and Bastianini) wanted to avoid excessive risks. However, no driver is happy to stay behind, knowing full well the risks that this entails at the start and in the first laps of the race You can say everything and more but this does not detract from the technical, competitive and human value of what Marc Ma did rquez, despite not yet in optimal physical conditions, on a track that is already difficult under normal conditions, more than treacherous in the wet. “In this phase everything is important – said the ace from Cervera with a smile again at the end of qualifying – also for the confidence”. Yes, trust that passes directly from the driver to the whole team, for too long without satisfactions. Without illusions, it must be reiterated, because the dry race tomorrow will be different but with the awareness of the psychological value of this pole and of the steps forward already made thanks to the return of Marc.

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on the right path

In these last two seasons, not without reason, all the possible evil and more have been said of this Honda MotoGP: bike with a thousand limits, unrivable and treacherous, non-competitive. So much so that even in these Motegi qualifying the other riders of the Golden Wing are beyond the top ten: 11th Pol Espargaro (1’57 “354), 17th Alex Marquez (1’56” 578), 19 ° Tetsuta Nagashima (1’57 “229). It is Marquez who makes the difference. The best time in the wet is no less valuable than pole on a dry track. In MotoGP, the wet track does not make everything easier, especially on a track treacherous as that of Motegi. In short, for Marquez an evident recovery test that proves to be on the right path. Now, starting tomorrow in the race, Marquez can only reproduce his extraordinary will and his talent as a champion on a dry track , fighting like a lion, but without overdoing it.

honda problems

The Honda remains the bike with technical handicaps that cannot be overcome with a magic wand: a racing car that is difficult to slide in corners with little load in front, beyond the gap in top speed. However, today in qualifying at Motegi, the track was wet for everyone. And tomorrow, even in different conditions, not just for the weather, it will not be a game to overtake Marquez. For nobody. On a dry track, the Spaniard does not have the pace from the front row and from the podium, but the pole is a great boost and miracles are not forbidden in motorcycling.

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