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Marzari, Mourinho’s tattoo artist, talks about his cups

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Marzari, Mourinho’s tattoo artist, talks about his cups

One of his works is up for grabs for the winners of the Fantamondiale Gazzetta. He made the Champions League, Europa League and Conference on the shoulder of the Roma coach and dreams of making another special one after Qatar: “I’d like to tattoo the handover of the World Cup from Maradona to Messi to a fan”

Players of yesterday and today. And coaches, starting with José Mourinho. Everyone’s crazy about Alberto Marzari, who with his micro-realism applied to the art of tattooing manages to reproduce celebrations, goals, coats of arms and of course cups. The three that he drew on the skin of the Roma coach (Champions, Europa League and Conference) have been around the world, but he remembers many.

“It’s true, I’ve tattooed almost every type of trophy, but I especially enjoyed recreating the situations that led to the conquest of this or that cup. Like the scene in which Chiellini throws Saka’s shirt, stealing the European trophy from him “.

Have you also tattooed World Cups?

“Well yes, above all at the request of the Azzurri fans after the crazy victory in 2006. And for the same reason I won a lot of cups in the 2020 European Championship”.

The most requested trophy?

“My studio, Wisdomless Tattoo, is in Rome, so I can’t deny that I’ve mostly tattooed Conference cups after the Giallorossi success last season. How many? At least thirty. But many know that I’m an ardent Inter fan, so I happened to make many Champions Leagues, and several asked me for the 2010 treble cups”.

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Three cups, like the ones he tattooed on Mourinho.

“As an Inter fan, that was a particular emotion for me. I swore to myself that I would not get a tattoo of the Champions League until we won it again. But being chosen by the coach for his very special tattoo was for me the closing a circle, so now I too have my beautiful cup on the skin”.

In our World Fantasy Championship, in collaboration with Fantaboom, he put one of his tattoos up for grabs for one of the winners. She plays?

“Definitely. With La Gazzetta I participate in both the championship and the Fantasy World Cup, then I have several leagues with friends. For the tournament in Qatar, I bet on the Argentinian block and I would really like to tattoo Maradona’s handover of the World Cup to a fan to Messi…”.

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