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massacre!Manchester United suffered 4 goals and lost 5 consecutive away games, creating the lowest points in a single season in team history – yqqlm

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massacre!Manchester United suffered 4 goals and lost 5 consecutive away games, creating the lowest points in a single season in team history – yqqlm

Original title: Massacre!Manchester United suffered a 4-goal bloodbath and a 5-game losing streak on the road set the lowest points in a single season in team history

0-4! Big rollover! Manchester United were beaten by Brighton at the Amex Community Stadium, the Red Devils have lost numbly, and the fans are more than desperate. After this game, Manchester United’s remaining four-four theory may have been completely shattered, and they can only qualify for the Europa League next season, and may even only get one ticket for the Europa League qualifying match.

Manchester United have suffered a nightmarish night. In the face of the “rookie” Brighton, who has yet to win at home in 2022, the Red Devils lost without temper and lost their body. Manchester United’s midfield was completely out of control, and the defense line was full of loopholes. With the midfield and backcourt almost isolated from the frontcourt, the striker team headed by Ronaldo was alone. Throughout the whole game, Manchester United were dazed by several counterattacks from Brighton in the first half, and conceded 3 goals in a row within 10 minutes of the second half. If Welbeck’s shooting skills were not good, the Red Devils would have suffered a bigger score. lose.

This tragedy also permanently put Manchester United on the pillar of shame. According to statistics, Manchester United have conceded at least 4 goals in 6 official games so far this season, which is the first time they have had such a bad situation since the 1960-1961 season. In the 1960-1961 season, Manchester United conceded four or more goals in seven official games. Since the retirement of Manchester United’s meritorious coach Ferguson, Manchester United has conceded 4 or more goals in 12 Premier League games in a single game. Manchester United have conceded 56 goals in the Premier League this season, the most they have conceded in a single season. Manchester United have scored 57 goals after 37 games, with only one goal difference. With only the last round left in the league, Manchester United now has only 58 points, which means that the Red Devils’ total points this season will set a record for the team’s lowest points in a single season in the Premier League. Manchester United’s previous lowest point was set in the 2013-2014 season, when the Red Devils accumulated 64 points.

After this game, Manchester United experienced a five-game losing streak away from the Premier League. The Red Devils have recently won 1-4 Manchester City, 0-1 Everton, 0-4 Liverpool, 1-3 Arsenal, and 0-4 Brighton. Manchester United’s weak defense has become the team’s biggest stubborn problem. Manchester United coach Rangnick also bluntly said in an interview after the game that the team can’t defend, he said: “We gave the opponent too much time and space in this game, and we have been resisting. We told the players to be as tight as possible, but we couldn’t. I don’t think the players were ignoring the rules of the game, but we just couldn’t stop the opponent. We gave them too much space, If you play against a technically good team, you will be punished.”

What makes Manchester United even more embarrassing is that Brighton has also set a lot of glorious records in this game. Brighton are currently playing 356 games in the English top flight, with a 4-0 win over Manchester United being their biggest win in the top flight. Brighton blossomed more in this game, and the two scoring heroes, Caicedo and Cucurella, ushered in their respective Premier League debut goals in this game. Before this game, Brighton had not yet won their first home league win in 2022. Their previous results were 4 draws and 4 losses, and Manchester United became the timely rain they longed for. The former giant Red Devils became Brighton in this way. Dayton Celebrating Desolation Background Board. Zhan Jun, a famous football commentator, said after the game: “Manchester United is the first team in the history of the Premier League to be scored 4 goals by Watford and Brighton in a single season… Hearts are scattered.”

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