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‘Masterchef’, ‘Brothers’ and ‘Survivors’ compete today for the audience

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‘Masterchef’, ‘Brothers’ and ‘Survivors’ compete today for the audience

the 1 TVE broadcasts a qualifying match of the Spanish selection for Euro 2024 (8:30 p.m.). After beating Norway, the team led by Luis de la Fuente will face Scotland on the second day of this qualifying phase. The game from Glasgow will have David Figueira in the narration, Chapi Ferrer and Fernando Llorente in the technical comments, and Lara Garandillas from the field with the interviews with the protagonists. Subsequently, ‘Masterchef 11‘ returns tonight to La 1 de TVE (10:35 p.m.). The applicants will face the first outdoor test, the most ambitious of the culinary talent, which will take place in Toledo. With 2,000 years of history, its historic center surprises by combining secret corners full of charm with large buildings of enormous architectural value. Gastronomy is also one of its undoubted attractions. The teams will cook a high-class menu signed by chef Adolfo Muñoz (one Repsol sun), who for more than 40 years has been committed to combining the quality of the products of this land. The 160 diners, lovers of Toledo’s heritage and gastronomy, will enjoy the preparations in the cloister of the Toledo cathedral. Back in the kitchens of ‘MasterChef’, the jury will challenge the black aprons to work with a very tight budget. The economic situation, with the increase in food prices, makes it necessary to juggle money to continue eating well. In this test they will have to manage themselves, because they will only have 70 euros to spend together. The third classified of ‘MasterChef Celebrity 7’, the fashion designer María Escoté, will give you some tips to get the most out of your purse in this elimination test.

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Carlos Sobera is back tonight in charge of ‘Survivors: No Man’s Land‘ (22:00 hours) in Telecinco. Gabriela Arrocet, Gema Aldón, Adara Molinero or Asraf Beno: the candidate who has received the greatest support from the public will leave the list of nominees, in the fourth salvation ceremony that will take place at the new gala hosted by Carlos Sobera. The two teams of contestants will also compete in a game ‘for luxury’, in which it will be key to maintain balance on mobile platforms in the sea. On the other hand, Sergio Garrido, the first definitively expelled from ‘Survivientes 2023’ recently arrived from Honduras, will go to the set of the contest, where he will review his participation in the adventure reality show. In addition, Laura Madrueño will address the last hour of the adventure from the Honduran keys with special attention to the conflict between Gema Aldón and Alma Bollo with Raquel Mosquera over common rice reserves and Asraf Beno’s impression that his own team is leaving him aside for positioning himself with Adara Molinero, among other situations.

Antenna 3 broadcasts tonight a new chapter of ‘Siblings‘ (10:45 p.m.). Suzan agrees to go to dinner with Akif, and he is happier than ever. Asiye is worried about seeing all the things that Ömer is buying with her new job. Resul goes to apologize to Suzan and in the middle of the conversation Akif shows up to go have dinner with her. Akif brings the divorce agreement to Nebahat. Ömer collects money for the gangster and when he opens his backpack, the money is gone, and the boss is upset. Harika has the money, who, when leaving school, has the wrong backpack.

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A Spanish fighter in Ukraine visits Cuatro

Four Bet on a new installment of ‘traveling around chester‘ (10:50 p.m.). Juan, a volunteer Spanish combatant in the war in Ukraine, sits on the sofa in the program to tell Risto Mejide about his experiences in the armed conflict. An explosion a few meters away that took Juan by surprise destroyed part of his leg and arm, which has allowed him to return recognized as a National Hero by the Ukrainian people and the only Spaniard to receive a medal from Zelenski. The second interview of the program will be carried out by Lucía Etxebarria. Holder of prestigious literary awards such as the Planeta Prize and the Nadal Prize and protagonist of various controversies, such as her position before the trans law, the writer sits in Chester to open up to Risto and speak openly about her life full of ups and downs. .

Bruce Willis, protagonist in laSexta

For his part, the sixth bet for a new pass of ‘The last man‘ (10:30 p.m.). Year 1931. Only Chicago gangsters come to Jericho, Texas, a ghost town in the Middle West. Until one day a mysterious stranger arrives, looking for a place to spend the night and calls himself Smith (Bruce Willis). Soon, he will create a dangerous reputation and find himself involved in a fight between two rival gangs, leaving himself at the mercy of both.

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