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Maturity exam 2022, here are the traces of the first test – breaking latest news

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Maturity exam 2022, here are the traces of the first test – breaking latest news

Rome, 22 June 2022 – After two years of the Covid pandemic, the writings at thestate exam. Today, first day of Maturity 2022over 500 thousand students are struggling with the Italian theme: the first try it began at 8.30 with the opening of the envelopes arriving from Miur (Ministry of University and Research) at the same time in all schools. Inside the traces7 in all, divided into three categories: text analysis (two tracks), the argumentative text (three tracks), and the topical essay (two tracks).

Verga, Pascoli and Segre

The protagonist of one of the two tracks of text analysis (the one in the poem) is Giovanni Pastureswith the piece “La via ferrata” of the Myricae, while the other track of analysis of the argumentative text (in prose) is on a piece of Liliana Segre e Gherardo Colombo, “The only fault of being born”.

Among other tracks, a short story by Giovanni Verga ‘Nedda, Sicilian sketch’ and a speech delivered in the Chamber by Giorgio ParisiNobel Prize in Physics 2021.

“The important thing is that children can develop their thinking by articulating it – explained the Minister of Education Patrizio Bianchi on the eve – it is more important not so much that they take into account that they have studied that author or that topic, but that they are able to argue , with an appropriate and responsible use of the word and who know how to carry out an articulated reflection “.

The score

The final score is in hundredths. To the theme are assigned maximum 15 points out of 100. In total, the tests allow you to earn 50 points (10 for the second, 25 for the oral interview), while the other 50 are credit points for the three-year period. 5 bonus points will be awarded to students who arrive at the exam with 50 credit points and in the tests they will get at least 30 points, while the praise is only for those who have had the maximum credits and the maximum in the tests, without the bonus.

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