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Mauro Gorza Award, big shot: Damiano Tommasi guest of honor

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Former Roma player Damiano Tommasi

The appointment with the event organized by Juventina Mugnai is set for 10 September


Damiano Tommasi will be the guest of honor of the thirtieth edition of the Mauro Gorza award, the appointment organized by Juventina Mugnai to remember the player who died prematurely following an illness on the playing field. Raised in Verona, then the flag of Rome for a decade, Tommasi led the Italian footballers association from 2011 to 2020. He will participate in the round table together with another very interesting guest, Fr Alessio Albertini. Brother of another former Serie A footballer (Demetrio), Don Albertini is ecclesiastical consultant of the CSI (the Italian sports center). The presence of Alessio Albertini had already been announced a few weeks ago along with the names of the winners, while the novelty is represented by the participation of Tommasi. The prizes will be awarded in just over two weeks, Friday 10 September at 8.30 pm, during an evening that will take place in the space adjacent to the parish house of Mugnai, in the municipality of Feltre. The entrance will be modulated in compliance with the anti Covid-19 regulations. The Gorza award, as is well known, will go to the former captain of the San Giorgio Sedico Andrea Pilotti, now under the Fiori Barp. It will be awarded with a work by the artist Vico Calabrò. However, the one awarded to Pilotti will not be the only recognition that will be awarded this year. The prize in memory of Paolo De Bacco will be awarded to Cristiano Strazzabosco (Volleyball Feltre); the one in memory of Mario Zanella will be delivered to Floris Vedana (Borgo Valbelluna); the one in honor of Andrea De Carli to Mattia Capraro (Tambre). Guido Ciccarone (Ulss Dolomiti) and Franco Rech (Friends of Franco and Viviana) were chosen for the Sport and Health award. Finally, an award in memory of Roberto Gelisio will be given to Roberto Padrin (national mayors). The title of the 2021 edition of the Mauro Gorza award is “From Vesuvius to the Dolomites… sport unites”. n.p.


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