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Maxi Lopez imagines the match of his past: “Turin-Udinese will be slap by slap”

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“In Argentina we say ‘slap by slap’ to present a match that promises sparks, and for me Torino-Udinese will seek the victory with no holds barred.” Maxi Lopez is convinced of this, the double ex who has played games at every latitude, from Argentina to Russia, passing through Spain and staying in Italy for a long time. He did not leave his mark on Udinese as he would have liked, but one thing is certain, to hear him speak: Udine has remained in his heart and Udinese, for him, has no secrets.

Maxi Lopez, why are you so convinced that on Monday we won’t see the classic Italian-style tactical match?

«Because Toro has started a new course with a coach who aims to give a very aggressive mentality, and Udinese has found a coach who thinks very well, as can be seen from the good organization of the game. The classification requires both of us to try and therefore I expect a “slap by slap” match, as we say in Argentina ».

Speaking of Argentina, his country continues to be very represented at Udinese.

“I know, and obviously it is a gratifying aspect, but beyond the presence of many compatriots, it must be said that Udinese has focused on the quality of prospective players like Molina and Perez, while Pereyra is no longer a discovery”.

However, Gotti could also find out the playmaker in front of the defense, as the “Tucu” was tried in a friendly match. How would you see it?

“The” Tucu “can play wherever he wants, whether you put him high, on the flanks, second striker or inside, he can really do what he wants because there are few multifunctional ones like him, but then there is also another aspect to consider “.

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«His role within the team. Pereyra is a player we have come to know and appreciate over the years, and he can be a leader on the pitch and in the locker room by virtue of his career. This is why I believe it can help young people to grow, because Udinese is a team to grow ».

Also in this case he talks about it with great knowledge of the facts …

“I have traveled the world in my career and after all these years I still have the desire to teach younger kids. It’s something I’ve always done, and it was like that in Udine too. Together with Danilo, Behrami and Albano Bizzarri, we “old” also had the task and the duty of making young people grow, and we had interesting ones, such as Barak, Samir, Lasagna and De Paul himself ».

He mentioned “Don Rodrigo”, whom Udinese are trying to replace, but which in practice is missing so far.

«When you lose someone like Rodrigo you feel it, and it is no exaggeration to say that the loss of De Paul for Udinese is worth that of Ronaldo for Juventus, or of Lukaku for Inter. Rodrigo has made a very important growth path and had to make the leap, which was made at the right time. Now, replacing a player like him is not easy, but the club has great scouting and sooner or later Udinese will find a new De Paul around the world ».

Speaking of discoveries, Beto arrived in Udine, whom few knew.

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“Here is the example of scouting. Beto has some qualities, and it shows, but the Italian championship is different from the Portuguese one and there are many pitfalls ».

An advice?

“He has to take advantage of the advantage of not being known yet. When you arrive in a new league the defenses have to take your measures and if you are a strong striker at the beginning they do not know how to mark you. The Italian defenders study these aspects a lot and therefore Beto must take advantage of them, as I think he is doing ».

How was Maxi Lopez’s year at Udinese instead?

“Positive. I had fun on the pitch, even if it was a difficult ending, but we had many young players, and I also think of Jankto, and with them it can happen to suffer. At Udinese I played with many players of different nationalities and I liked it very much ».

She arrived in Friuli after two seasons at Turin.

“Beautiful memories. We had a squadron, it was the last Torino that played well reaching the semifinal of the Europa League and won the derby after 25 years ».

Maxi Lopez, what is your opinion on the current Serie A?

«In Spain and England much more dynamic football is played, but the Italian one remains the most tactically complicated. I like it this year because many teams can win and I see that everyone is playing the game to win it. Juve are a bit lost, Napoli are playing well and I really like Milan. As mentioned, some players of a certain depth have left, and this does not help the show, but the championship has leveled up and is attractive even in the queue “.

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