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Mazzarri curries Cagliari in a hard face to face

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The coach analyzes the mistakes and blames the mental attitude but also has words of encouragement for a group with broken morale

SENT TO CAGLIARI. The face to face between the coach Walter Mazzarri and the team was there. In the locker room enclosure in Assemini. The technician was not tender with his but he did it without screaming. He tried to understand why Cagliari had a passive attitude in the final minutes of a match that he had dominated. The feeling is that at the moment the rossoblùs are weak on a character level, they have been infected by the “fear of winning” virus and pay for every mistake at a very high price. It had already happened with Venice (equal to the lagoon in 91 ‘), the same thing was repeated on Friday, taking away a well-deserved victory from the Quattro Mori. In summary, four points thrown away that at this moment would have been pure gold. The technician yesterday used carrot and stick. He pointed out without frills the mistakes made on the pitch both in the plays and in the mental attitude. But he also tried to raise the morale of the group, quite low after yet another bitter disappointment.

Wounds. Eight points after 14 days means that the budget so far is bankrupt. At this rate it is impossible to avoid relegation. Especially because the others are starting to run (yesterday Sampdoria and Empoli won) and the gap with the safety zone is widening. There is, of course, no sentence already written, but to avoid that the second round becomes an ordeal, it is necessary to put together no less than 15-17 points in the first leg. A difficult booty to lock in the safe but Cagliari must try, starting from Tuesday’s away match in Verona, another challenge where making mistakes will be forbidden.

Open door. Never in this season have Cagliari managed not to concede a goal. An unsolved problem, one of the causes why Mazzarri’s team is at the bottom of the standings. If we go to review the actions of the networks suffered, many mistakes have been made, even trivial ones. Bad luck, injuries, have something to do with it up to a certain point. Too many times the rossoblù have had a soft approach, they have handed their hands and feet to the opponents, who have not let themselves be asked to unwrap the gift. Not being able to keep the clean sheet is not a fault to be attributed to the defense, it is a problem that involves the whole team. The non-possession phase has gaps, seasoned with distractions like that on Friday night.

Calendar. Three away games and two at home from now to the end of the first round. In the situation in which the Quattro Mori have hunted, there are no calculations or tables to be made, it is always necessary to score points, going beyond the name of the opponent on duty. The away matches begin on Tuesday in Verona with Hellas, while the others are in Milan and Turin with Inter and Juventus. Turin and Udinese will arrive at Unipol Domus. It goes without saying that in home matches there is only one result available.

Market. According to the sports director Capozucca, the ideas for January are clear. Evidently Mazzarri told the club not only where to intervene to fill the gaps, but he also gave a list of names. The next five games will be decisive. They will almost certainly say if salvation is still an achievable goal.

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