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Media: Lang Ping has confirmed that the ending game after the Tokyo Olympics is the “last dance”_China Women’s Volleyball Team

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Original title: Media: Lang Ping has confirmed that the final battle after the Tokyo Olympics is the “last dance”

Chinese women’s volleyball team missed the qualifying team, Lang Ping burst into tears and apologized to the fans: thank you for not leaving

As Russia defeated the United States 3-0 and Turkey 3-0 Argentina, the Chinese women’s volleyball team was eliminated from the group ahead of schedule, creating the worst record in Olympic history…

In the honour battle on the evening of the 31st, the Chinese women’s volleyball team once again set foot on the arena, against old rival Italy. When Zhu Ting, Yan Ni, and Ding Xia did not start, the Chinese women’s volleyball team finally “removed the shackles”, found themselves, and proved themselves with a hearty 3-0!

Maybe the Chinese women’s volleyball team will lose and will be in a downturn, but the spirit and temperament of this team have long been engraved in the character of the girls.

Before the match against Italy, the girls of the Chinese women’s volleyball team knew that their Tokyo trip could not go further.

After losing to Turkey, the United States and Russia and taking only one point, the decision whether the Chinese women’s volleyball team can have a ray of life is no longer in their own hands.

And when Russia beat the United States in the fourth round, and locked in the quarter-finals ahead of time, the Turkish women’s volleyball team defeated Argentina 3-0, and the Chinese women’s volleyball team was completely closed…

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As the last Olympic champion, it is really surprising to withdraw from the quarterfinals two rounds ahead of schedule-this is the first time that the Chinese women’s volleyball team has stopped the group stage at the Olympics, and it is also the worst record since the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics.

After losing the last game against the Russian women’s volleyball team, the women’s volleyball girls left the field in frustration. At this time, Lang Ping shouted to the girls, “Look up…”

“People’s Daily” also published an article commenting on the Chinese women’s volleyball team: “The reason why the Chinese women’s volleyball team is praised by people is not only to ride the wind and waves in good times, but also to stand up stubbornly in adversity.”

Indeed, in the face of adversity, the women’s volleyball girls who relieved the pressure proved themselves. Facing Italy, the starting lineup of the Chinese women’s volleyball team is: Yuan Xinyue, Wang Yuanyuan, Zhang Changning, Li Yingying, Yao Di, Gong Xiangyu, Wang Mengjie.

As soon as the game started, the Chinese women’s volleyball team dared to fight and fight. The young players represented by Li Yingying performed well and won the first game 25-21.

In the second game, the Chinese women’s volleyball team still performed strongly, winning another game 25-20. In the third game, the scores of the two sides have been stalemate, and the Chinese team finally won 26-24!

Wang Mengjie’s roar.

Healthy players take a punch

There may be many reasons why the women’s volleyball team regrets leaving the Olympics, but the most worrying thing is Zhu Ting’s injury.

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After the third game, Lang Ping reluctantly said: “Her ball is playing with a grin when she opens the net a little bit. Basically, she doesn’t dare to reach out for the block.”

In fact, in the third game, the Russian team consciously attacked Zhu Ting, and the thick bandage on Zhu Ting’s wrist was enough to show the severity of her injury.

Earlier, according to Chinese women’s volleyball coach An Jiajie, as early as 2017 during the overseas Super League, Zhu Ting accidentally hit the ground and caused a wrist injury, which left the root of the disease.

In the Tokyo Olympic cycle, Zhu Ting’s injury still failed to recover. Although the Olympics were postponed for one year, in order to maintain the competitive state and training rhythm of herself and the entire team, Zhu Ting chose to give up conservative surgery.

Lang Ping described it this way: “I think it’s surprising that Zhu Ting’s injury is so severe. We have been giving her conservative treatment. It looked like it was okay, but it won’t work for a single shot.”

After losing the three games, Lang Ping also changed from letting Zhu Ting “top one top” to “rest and rest”, allowing more healthy players to play. “We will discuss with the doctor and Zhu Ting himself, and let the healthy players rush.”

The women’s volleyball girl blocked Egnu.

Lang Ping’s “Last Dance”

Previously, Lang Ping had confirmed that the Tokyo Olympics was his final battle for the position of the Chinese women’s volleyball team. This also means that the match against Argentina on August 2 is Lang Ping’s “last dance”.

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Years of career as a player and coach has left 61-year-old Lang Ping suffering from injuries. Even before the Tokyo Olympics, she had to maintain her muscles through some strength training.

“During the Olympics, coaches are also limited in quota. It is impossible for us to have all the accompanying coaches appear on the court. I have to go and throw and play for the players.”

It is enough to see that Lang Ping’s body is no longer enough to support her to continue her high-intensity coaching work.

Although Lang Ping’s “last dance” is a bit regretful, the wealth she brought to this team will always accompany the Chinese women’s volleyball team. The girls will also solve more problems and look forward actively in the new Olympic cycle.Return to Sohu to see more


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