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Media person: Separate the Chinese Super League and qualifying football and strictly investigate the source of funds and shareholder composition

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Original title: Media person: Separate the Super League and qualifying football to strictly investigate the source of funds and shareholder composition

Ge Aiping

Up to now, the national football team has ranked second in the group with 5 points from 6 matches in the top 12 matches. The qualifying situation is extremely bleak. However, the more precarious situation in Chinese football is that the Chinese Super League is in crisis.

According to reports, only three of the 16 teams in the Chinese Super League currently have no wage arrears, which means that 80% of the teams have more or less arrears of wages. Another two teams are out of food, and the water and electricity bills of the teams cannot be paid. Out, the travel expenses of the away game are also difficult, and the Guangzhou team (formerly Evergrande), which was once invincible and won the AFC Champions twice, has not yet concentrated its players.

The next stage of the Super League is about to start, and the Super League is like a broken car with parts scattered on the road. This should be the most critical moment in the history of the Super League.

The reasons for this situation are not complicated at all. The real estate tycoons who rely on loans to “make it bigger and stronger” are out of anger, and the largest group of “real estate clubs” in the Super League are all experiencing shortages of funds. And because of the small and medium clubs that had to follow closely when the Super League bubble was prevalent, it was even more difficult to hold on at this time.

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There is another important reason, and that is the injury of “Qualifying Football” to the Super League. Every time it comes to the World Cup or Olympic trials, it has become the top priority of Chinese football. Everything is to make way, everything is for qualifying, and the Chinese Super League and other professional leagues are also harmed, or dismembered, or suspended, or temporarily increased. All kinds of “New Deals” have made professional leagues into four different categories, the competition has shrunk, the market attractiveness has declined, not to mention the return to advertisers and sponsors who have invested heavily in it. All this directly hurt the Chinese Super League, which means that the patient who was already sick and maintained by infusion was directly pulled out of the infusion tube.

I have been in contact with this industry for decades, and this phenomenon has almost never changed, but this time it is more serious, because the bigger the bubble, the faster it bursts. It took more than ten years from the building to the collapse of the building. He used to be proud of Asian football, but now it has become a joke.

It is not difficult at all to solve this problem. 1. Thoroughly separate the Chinese Super League and “Qualifying Football”, that is, to establish a special Chinese Super League company, as a commercial company to concentrate on the operation of the Super League, regulate everything in the Super League, from advertising management, professional club regulations, game management, etc., outside of any company Second, standardize professional football clubs, strictly review the source of funds and shareholder composition, and eliminate short-term behaviors. Everything is for one purpose: sustainable development.

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Most importantly, the power of football management is strictly divided and has clear boundaries. The Football Association manages all aspects of football development, from youth training to the construction of the national team, the Super League company manages the professional league, bridges to bridges, and roads. Of course, such a strict distinction does not mean that the road is going to be halfway. The youth training lays a solid foundation for the success and improvement of the professional league, and the professional league provides the greatest foreshadowing and support for the improvement of the national team’s strength.

All this requires patience, and healthy development is impossible without time guarantee.

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