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Media person: The Football Association Cup is a mirror image of Chinese football is really sad_中超

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Original title: Media person: The Football Association Cup is a magic mirror, Chinese football is really sad

From October 13th to 14th, the first round of the 2021 Chinese Football Association Cup was held in Dalian, Jinan, Changchun, and Meizhou. After the first round of 32-to-16 matches, the media person Pan Weili spoke on his personal social platform , Bluntly the Football Association Cup is a “mirror mirror”, there is almost no difference between Chinese Super League players and Chinese A and B players.

Pan Weili first said: “Have you watched the Football Association Cup? Are you surprised? Did you surprise? The four best performing teams in the Chinese Super League: Guangzhou, Haigang, Guoan and Taishan, have their performance disappointed you? All the youth teams The Guangzhou team that played 0-1 lost to the second team, and the Beijing Guoan team actually lost a penalty kick to a team that was at a disadvantage. Shanghai Haigang actually managed to beat one team in the 95-minute countdown stage. Before the Chinese second team, Shandong Taishan team did not sacrifice the nuclear weapon of Fellaini, there was nothing to do with a Chinese first team…”

“This is the tragic current situation of Chinese football. It’s really sad. We don’t have top-notch players. Our Chinese Super League players are almost indistinguishable from the Chinese A and B players. We also don’t have a huge youth training talent base. Our investment People and bosses can’t even pay wages. Many companies do this. So if the Chinese football clubs are still laughing at their eldest brothers, laughing at 50 steps, slandering and mocking each other, I just want to say two words: boring.”

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Regarding Pan Weili’s remarks, netizens also left messages in the comment area. Most of them think that the poor results of the Chinese Super League BIG4 FA Cup are due to the non-main team. “Taishan has transferred 6 international players.” “Man City is not the main player, nor does it necessarily play The Chinese Super League team hasn’t played for two months. The Chinese Super League team has been in a relatively good state of the game. The main players of the four teams have been added as substitutes. There is still a gap between the neatly organized Super League teams, such as Shenzhen, Cangzhou, Henan, and Changchun.”

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