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Media registration for the Hangzhou Asian Games will start in November this year_Zhejiang Online

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On October 19, the first World Media Conference of the Hangzhou Asian Games successfully completed its various agendas and will conclude today. The OCA fully affirmed the effectiveness of the exchanges and discussions at this meeting and the important progress made in the preparations for the Hangzhou Asian Games.

In order to summarize the effectiveness of this meeting, the OCA and Hangzhou Asian Organizing Committee jointly held a press conference. Media officials of the OCA attended the press conference via video link. Chen Weiqiang, Deputy Secretary-General of Hangzhou Asian Organizing Committee and Deputy Mayor of Hangzhou, and the head of the Propaganda Department of Hangzhou Asian Organizing Committee attended the press conference.


According to Chen Weiqiang, the conference was held offline and online. There were 110 media organizations at home and abroad and more than 400 representatives participated in the conference. The scale and influence were second to none in the previous Asian Games. The two-day meeting has a streamlined and efficient agenda, compact links, and rich content. All parties have fully exchanged and discussed, actively made suggestions and suggestions, reached a broad consensus, and formed a huge joint force for the success of the Asian Games.

With the guidance and help of the Asian Olympic Council, the Olympic Committees of participating countries (regions) and the State Sports General Administration, the preparations for the Hangzhou Asian Games are steadily advancing towards the set direction and goals-the construction of the venues has accelerated and the Asian Games Propaganda is vivid and colorful, urban actions continue to heat up, market development is fruitful, and the design of the opening and closing ceremonies continues to deepen. Through the holding of a series of test competitions, the venue facilities, technical systems, competition organization, service guarantee, venue operation and other aspects were inspected, and services such as registration, arrival and departure, transportation, accommodation, catering, and medical care were also continuously improved.

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At this World Media Conference,The 13 business areas of the Hangzhou Asian Organizing Committee focus on key tasks such as media operation, competition organization, and venue constructiondoElaborated.It is reported that the Hangzhou Asian GamesPrimary mediaMedia operations such as the center, venue media center, news information services, photography operations, and media support services are in progress.Orderly preparationmiddle.Primary mediaCenter locationlie inHangzhou International Expo Center, theVenue hadYes2016yearG20Main venue of the Hangzhou Summit55ContestsEach venue has a venue media center.News information services will also be fully benchmarked against Olympic standards

It is reported that media registration for the Hangzhou Asian Games will start in November this year. At the press conference, the Hangzhou Asian Organizing Committee issued an invitation to the world’s media, welcoming media friends from all over the world to report on the Hangzhou Asian Games, and also welcome everyone to continue to pay attention to the Asian sports.

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OCA media officials spoke highly of the preparations for the World Media Conference and the Hangzhou Asian Games. He said that in less than a year from the opening of the Hangzhou Asian Games, the convening of this conference is of milestone significance and has established a bridge of communication between the Hangzhou Asian Organizing Committee and the world media. It is believed that Hangzhou will provide high-level service guarantees for athletes, technical officials, and registered media from various countries and regions, and jointly present a wonderful Asian Games event.

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