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Meizhou Hakka debut eye-catching Chinese Super League first stage presents new features

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The first stage of the Chinese Super League presents new features

Meizhou Hakka’s first show is eye-catching

Zhang Zhe, all media reporter of Guangzhou Daily

The Chinese Super League staged 5 games in Meizhou, Dalian and Haikou yesterday. Meizhou Hakka scored the first goal and first point in the Chinese Super League in team history, while Shanghai Haigang and Dalian people both broke out. Since then, 8 games have been played in the first round of the Chinese Super League this season, from which it can be seen that the emerging stage is showing new characteristics.

Meizhou Hakka Xiping wins first win

The Meizhou Division has long decided to host the Chinese Super League this year. This is the first time in the history of the Meizhou region to host the national top league. There are 3 stadiums in the Meizhou Division to host the Chinese Super League this time, one of which is Zeng Xianzi Stadium in downtown Meizhou. The other two are in Wuhua County, the training ground in Hengpi Football Town and the Huitang Stadium in Wuhua Olympic Sports Center.

The Meizhou Hakka Football Team is the host of the Meizhou Division. In the past 9 years, under the steady investment strategy of investors + the strategy of reusing young players and local players, the Meizhou Hakka Football Team has rushed all the way from the Second League to the Chinese Super League. Meizhou Hakka Football Club It has also become the first top-level league club in a county-level city in the history of Chinese professional football.

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Yesterday, the two Chinese Super League matches hosted by the Meizhou Division for the first time started one after another. In the first match, the Shenzhen Football Team, who are also soldiers from Guangdong, scored twice with foreign aid Achim Peng, first beating Chengdu Rongcheng 2-0. Meizhou Hakka then played against Tianjin Jinmen Tigers in the second game, which was also their first appearance in the Chinese Super League.

Since the beginning of February this year, the Meizhou Hakka Club, as a “promoted horse”, started winter training early. The Meizhou Guest Club has comprehensively upgraded the team’s lineup. In addition, the front midfielder Yin Congyao, who has just been introduced from the disbanded Chongqing team, has introduced a total of 16 new domestic and foreign players in the new season. In contrast, last night, Meizhou Hakka’s opponent, Tianjin Jinmen Tigers, also had a qualitative change compared with last year. The team introduced as many as 22 new aids.

Last night, the two co-starred in the most exciting battle since the start of the Chinese Super League this season. The confrontation intensity and offensive and defensive rhythm presented by the game proved that the training of the two teams in the past few months has had a solid effect. A large number of host fans shouted for support outside the stadium. Meizhou Hakka players were very excited from beginning to end. Rodrigo, a new foreign aid from Brazil, broke the deadlock for the team in the first half. This was also the first Chinese Super League goal in Meizhou Hakka history. The Jinmen Tigers tied the score in the first half. In the second half, Meizhou Hakka still had the advantage. Unfortunately, foreign aid Jisen and domestic aid Li Shuai each hit the crossbar and upright. At the last moment, Yang Yilin’s near goal volley was miraculously saved by the opponent’s goalkeeper Fang Jingqi. In the end, the two sides shook hands 1-1. words and.

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