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Merida wants to climb the Great Wall, wants to defeat Wu Lei, and even more…_Match_Haikou_Chinese Super League

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Merida wants to climb the Great Wall, wants to defeat Wu Lei, and even more…_Match_Haikou_Chinese Super League

Original title: Merida wants to climb the Great Wall, wants to defeat Wu Lei, and wants to…

Merida wants to climb the Great Wall, wants to defeat Wu Lei, and wants to…

From the “one-click, three-connection” official announcement to the heated discussion, to the 30-minute debut of the full house, just like the nickname given to Merida by the fans, it looks “charismatic” everywhere. However, when it comes to his Chinese Super League debut, whether it is a sideline interview at the end of the game or an interview arranged by the club today, Merida himself emphasizes the most “regret”: “My Chinese Super League debut is still a bit regretful. Yes, because we didn’t win the game. But I think we had a good rhythm overall and played really well.”

From the release of isolation to the present, Merida has been training and competing with the Jinmen Tigers for more than two weeks. In such a short period of time, in addition to restoring his own state, he must seize the time to get familiar with his teammates and increase tacit understanding. In this regard, Merida admitted that after more than two weeks of training, he has become familiar with his teammates. “Actually, the whole world is the same. It takes a while to get used to a new team. I’m actually still at this stage, and I’m gradually getting to know my teammates. But through games and daily training, I have gradually Knowing everyone, familiar with their characteristics and movements, in the future, I will get to know my partners faster and in more detail, and play a more tacit cooperation.” As for his physical condition, he admitted that he still needs to participate in more competitions. “My physical condition is getting a little better every day, but I can’t say exactly when I will be at my best. A player of my type needs a transition period to get my physical condition from the prep period as soon as possible. Adjusting to the game, of course, I also need to play more games to get my body in shape.”

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Although it is still in the stage of familiarity and running-in, Merida is full of praise for the technical style of play that Jinmen Tigers have been pursuing: “I have always felt that the skills of my feet are very important since I was a child, including many teams that I joined later. Cooperate and like to take the team under your feet. Our team has always adhered to the route of technical flow. I think this is very correct. Only by insisting on such cooperation can we score more goals. Of course, we still have Some details need to be further polished, and the tacit understanding between teammates also needs to be further increased. I believe that as long as we can kick out our own tactics, we can fight against any opponent.”

Although he has not joined the team for a long time, and although he only knew David Andujar before joining (because he had played in the second division), Merida has already left a good impression on Tianjin Tigers and Tianjin. , “I was in Tianjin a while ago. My partner and I went to the Eye of Tianjin, and then we went to Heping Road and drank coffee. Unfortunately, apart from training, I went to these two places. I know that there are other places in Tianjin. There are many beautiful places, I hope I will have the opportunity to see them again in the future, and of course, I also hope to go to Beijing to climb the Great Wall…” In addition to climbing the Great Wall, Merida’s other wish is to be able to work with his former teammate Wu Lei. Play against the Chinese Super League as soon as possible, “I heard the news that Wu Lei is going to return to the Chinese Super League. If this is the decision of him and his family, I am happy for him and hope to play against him on the field as soon as possible. Of course, I am more looking forward to it. To be able to win the game.” In addition to these two “wishes”, in fact, Merida also has one of the biggest wishes, “My goal is very clear, that is, I hope to help the team and let the team achieve the best possible results. ranking.”

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Both Merida and the Jinmen Tigers need time to further polish the lineup and increase their tacit understanding, but the sudden change of the Chinese Super League schedule has shortened the time for the team to summarize and improve. Affected by the recent epidemic in Hainan Province, Haikou today announced the implementation of temporary global static management, and most of the flights out of Haikou have also been cancelled, resulting in Shandong Taishan, Chengdu Rongcheng and Guangzhou teams stranded in Haikou. The Jinmen Tigers, Cangzhou Lions and Hebei teams whose home games are based here, a total of 6 teams can only temporarily stay in the hotel and accept the local nucleic acid test of “5 tests in 7 days”. In addition, the players of the national selection team who were previously isolated in Haikou, except for players like Fang Hao who can meet the team directly in Haikou, cannot leave Haikou and can only stay in the hotel where the national team selection team is located. .

In the face of this unexpected situation, the Chinese Football Association convened an online meeting this afternoon with the heads of each team. After repeated communication and consultation, it was finally decided to arrange for 6 teams in Haikou to play some of their games in advance. The rest of the games can be played as usual, and those that cannot be played as usual will be postponed. Although the opponent of the Jinmen Tigers in the next round is the Hebei team, the two teams are located in Haikou, which is theoretically the only unaffected game, but the Chinese Football Association still reschedules the game from the original scheduled 8 pm on August 13. , arrived at 8 pm on the 11th in advance. In addition, Guangzhou team VS Chengdu Rongcheng, Cangzhou Lions VS Shandong Taishan will be played at 8 pm on August 12th; Henan Songshan Longmen VS Meizhou Hakka game will be adjusted from 19:30 on August 13 to 8 At 19:00 on March 13; in addition, the matches of Wuhan Sanzhen VS Beijing Guoan and Guangzhou City VS Wuhan Yangtze River will continue as usual. Although the other six teams could theoretically also arrange to play against each other, for some reason, the Football Association did not do so in the end. As a result, there are only 6 games left in the 12th round.

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For the Jinmen Tigers, the time for the team to prepare in advance for the game schedule has become shorter. For example, Andujar, who has been recovering from injuries, and Xu Jiamin, who was accidentally strained in the last game, can’t say whether he can come back in time, but relatively speaking, Tianjin Gate Tigers is also one of the less affected teams, and the players are also familiar with the sudden arrival of a double game in a week. The only thing to worry about is the follow-up arrangement. Of course, if the epidemic prevention situation in Haikou still does not improve next week, the entire Chinese Super League will be affected. I am afraid it will not be as simple as adjusting the schedule.

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