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Meritorious coach Li Mu came out again to coach to create a better BAIC men’s volleyball team_Shan Qingtao

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Original title: Meritorious coach Li Mu once again came out to coach to create a better BAIC men’s volleyball team


Yesterday, the Beijing Automobile Volleyball Club confirmed that Li Mu was once again the coach of the Beijing Men’s Volleyball Team. Reporter Li Wei also conducted an exclusive interview with him:

“In the past three and a half years, the leaders of the BAIC Club and the Sports Bureau have given me a lot of support. They hope that I will use this time to charge more and learn more, so I still have a lot of gains in the past three and a half years. For me to come back again. With this team, I think I will have a lot of fresh knowledge and new knowledge and understanding of volleyball, and will apply it to the team environment.” Speaking of having the opportunity to coach the BAIC Men’s Volleyball Team again, Li Mu has been Expressing his gratitude to all parties, he pointed out that he has been learning and charging for the past three and a half years and has been paying attention to this team.

The Beijing Men’s Volleyball Team failed to qualify for the semi-finals in the 2021 Shaanxi National Games and only ranked sixth. After hard work, the Beijing Youth Volleyball Team won a precious bronze medal in the 2021 Shaanxi National Games. After the National Games, capable young players were promoted to the first team. Faced with the future league and the next National Games, the Beijing Men’s Volleyball Team began to reorganize. Although he is no stranger to this team, Li Mu still humbly said that he has not prepared enough now, so he has been working hard. “I still don’t know enough about this team. I have brought some players. But that was three and a half years ago. At that time, they were still young players and small players. Now many of them have experienced the national team experience, including championships in the league, so the changes are actually very big. I The first step is to have a more intuitive understanding of them through recent training, and then we can formulate a training plan for the next cycle, including the design of results and goals. This team has great potential, so the leadership can do so. Trust this team to me. I hope that through hard work, I will live up to this responsibility.”

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It is worth mentioning that the BAIC Club retained the Beijing Youth Men’s Volleyball Team this time, forming a strong team with the men’s volleyball team. The purpose is not to give up any potential player. Li Mu said: “After the youth team stays, they can participate in the joint training of our first team. After a period of training, we will investigate and understand and select some players who have training value. If we are not sure for the time being, we We will continue to keep him for observation. At present, there are three or four players that are obvious. I think they can play at the level of the league, and we will increase our efforts to train them.”

In addition, Li Mu’s coaching staff also has newcomers. In addition to the original assistant coach Wang Hongbin and team leader Sun Yubo, retired veteran Shan Qingtao will also serve as assistant coach. According to Li Mu: “Shan Qingtao is one of our veteran players. He has a very good playing style. He is also our former captain. He has very high self-requirements. He is the seedling of a very promising coach. He stays in the team. The coach, who is also a main offense, will be of great help to our special position. I think our coaching staff should be said to be a very good match. We all have a common ideal, that is, we hope this team can go to Go up!”

Li Mu told reporters that at the first time of his return, many BAIC Men’s Volleyball fans also sent blessings to him. He missed the feeling of being at the Guangcai Stadium very much, and hoped that the epidemic would pass soon and the team could return to their home court. “In fact, I particularly recalled our previous home games of BAIC in the past few seasons. The scene where the old folks of Guangcai Stadium cheered us on is still vivid. I hope that one day we can return to the home game as soon as possible. As for this season, we hope to pass more Good performance will let the fans who care about us live up to their hope.”Return to Sohu to see more

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