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Messi went back to Barcelona to have dinner with Pique but there was no trace of his name: their relationship broke down – yqqlm

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Original title: Messi returned to Barcelona for dinner but Pique was nowhere to be remembered: their relationship broke down

On Monday, local time, Messi returned to Barcelona and had a meal with Xavi, Busquets and Alba. Harvey celebrates his birthday on January 25, and Messi attended Harvey’s small birthday dinner. There is no need to say much about the friendship between Xavi and Messi. Busquets and Alba are also Messi’s old teammates in Barcelona for many years. But somewhat surprisingly, Peake didn’t show up at the dinner. According to well-known journalist Alfre Martinez, this is because the relationship between Pique and Messi has broken down, which happened after Messi left Barcelona.

Between Pique and Messi, it can be said that it is an old friendship for more than 20 years. Pique, Messi and Cesc Fabregas, the three most accomplished players in the Barça generation of 87, have been teammates at La Masia since childhood. However, the personal relationships between the three are not exactly the same. Pique and Xiaofa, Messi and Xiaofa are all iron buddies, and the relationship between Pique and Messi is more like colleagues who admire each other but keep a certain distance. In character, Pique and Messi are very different.

Although they are not particularly close friends, Pique and Messi have at least maintained a good personal relationship before. But after Messi left the team, the relationship between the two changed. “Daily Sports” previously revealed that Laporta had consulted Pique on Messi’s departure. The answer given by Pique is that even if Barcelona loses Messi, it will be no different. These remarks largely strengthened Laporta’s determination to refuse to accept CVC’s capital injection in order to keep Messi.

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Messi knows that Pique has said this behind his back, and Messi has been calm and restrained in public. Messi knows that Paris will only be a short step in his career, and he will return to Barcelona to live sooner or later in the future, and he is unwilling to publicly tear his face with Barcelona. But Pique’s remarks still hurt Messi, which also led to an irreparable crack in the personal relationship between the two.Return to Sohu, see more


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