Midweek round that is played at 2.30 pm on a day marked by bad weather conditions with pouring rain and wind that will dominate for most of the match.

Messina and breaking latest news were two supporters that for almost thirty years have been linked by a twinning deeply felt by both cities, not only by the bending components, and after the breakup of the relationship there is, as in the first leg, that strange feeling that situations of this type generate. About fifty ultras will respond from Abruzzo who position themselves behind their patches with the one for the unforgotten boss Bubù in plain sight.

In total there will be a thousand spectators present with the hard core of the home curve who will support the Giallorossi throughout the match who finally, with a very aggressive match, will bring three points to a classification that can now concretely give hope for a miraculous direct salvation . There will be chants against the company.

As well as in the first leg between the two fans, nothing to report, also because after such a long and strong bond, personal relationships, especially between veterans, certainly cannot be canceled with a swipe in the sponge, actually going to affect this particular moment of transition. Probably the most mature and wise choice because, regardless of the reasons for the breakup that exclusively concern the two curves, the evolution of a relationship, of any nature, doesn’t necessarily have to go “from white to black”. Time then, as always, will tell the story of him…

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Once the match is over there isn’t even time to relax before we start again for a championship finale which for various reasons will be on the razor’s edge for both fans.

Paolo Furrer