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Meta removes posts on abortion pills in the States – Magazine

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Meta removes posts on abortion pills in the States – Magazine

After Supreme Court ruling of the United States which overturned the historic ‘Roe v. Wade’ ruling it had in 1973 legalized abortion in the US, Meta’s social networks have also been at the center of a stir controversy. According to what was revealed by the American media Vice and Associated Press, in fact, on facebook and instagram the posts in which users proposed the sale or free transfer of the abortion pills marketed in the United States.

The abortion pills disappeared from Meta’s social networks
A few minutes after the ruling of the American Supreme Court, Instagram and Facebook have removed the contents on abortion pills. According to what was revealed by American journalistic sources, in fact, posts like that of a user who invited those interested in medications to send a private message for more details, they were immediately removed from social platforms.
The Associated Press, in particular, explained how a test post with the string “abortion pill” posted on social networks by one of his journalists has been deleted after a few secondsunderlining how a different fate had a content which contained the word “gun”, remained flawlessly posted on the platform the Meta.

Meta’s answer
The American company’s response to controversy raised by the press, came through the voice of the communications officer, Andy Stone who, in a post su Twitter explained Meta’s official position.
“Content that attempts to buy, sell, trade, gift, request or donate pharmaceutical products They are not allowed. Content that discusses the accessibility and affordability of medications subject to is permitted prescription. We have discovered some cases of misapplication and are correcting them. ”

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