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Mexico Sets Historical Record with 47 Gold Medals in Santiago 2023 Pan American Games

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Mexico Sets Historical Record with 47 Gold Medals in Santiago 2023 Pan American Games

Mexico Sets Historical Record with 47 Gold Medals at Santiago 2023 Pan American Games

Santiago – Mexico has made history at the Santiago 2023 Pan American Games by winning a total of 47 gold medals, breaking the previous record for most gold medals won in a continental competition. The remarkable achievement surpasses Mexico’s previous record of 42 gold medals achieved in Guadalajara 2011.

The record-breaking moment occurred on Saturday morning when Beatriz Briones and Karina Alanís secured the gold medal in the K2 500 meters of canoeing. This victory propelled Mexico’s gold medal count to 45 and marked their historic milestone.

Continuing the winning streak, Marifer Noriega dominated the women’s rubber paddle final, defeating Argentine Sabrina Andrade 2-0 to claim Mexico’s 46th gold medal. In the women’s fronton competition, Itzell Reyes triumphed over Uruguayan Leonella Acosta, adding another gold medal and bringing the count to 47.

The sport of Basque pelota contributed significantly to Mexico’s success as well. Isaac Pérez and David Álvarez both secured victories in their respective matches, defeating their Argentine and Cuban opponents 2-0 each.

Ana Guevara, the director of the government’s National Commission for Physical Culture and Sports, expressed her pride in Mexico’s dominant performance. “All the medals are important, and Mexico’s participation has been exceptional in the Pan American Games,” she stated. “It gives me great pleasure to share in this celebration of American sports.”

Guevara was present during the archery competition, where Mexico aimed to win more gold medals but ended up settling for silver. The men’s and women’s teams faced tough competition against the United States in the finals.

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Despite missing out on the gold, archer Alejandra Valencia remains optimistic. “We wanted the gold, of course, but our silver adds to the score. It’s very rewarding to be part of this historic performance,” she shared. Valencia is determined to bring home a gold medal in the individual archery event.

Before arriving in Santiago, Mexican officials predicted they would earn 33 gold medals. However, the young delegation surpassed expectations, with several athletes exceeding initial forecasts. Mexico’s performance has been a pleasant surprise, showcasing their determination and talent.

In addition to their gold medal tally, Mexico aims to finish third in the overall medal table at the Pan American Games. Currently, a close competition unfolds between Mexico and Canada for the coveted spot. The United States and Brazil have already established themselves as the top two nations in the medal standings.

Mexico’s remarkable achievement at the Santiago 2023 Pan American Games is evidence of their commitment to excellence and their ability to surpass expectations. The nation celebrates this historic moment in their sporting history, eager to continue their success in future competitions.

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