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Miguel Cabrera Returns Home for Farewell Series at Comerica Park

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Miguel Cabrera Returns Home for Farewell Series at Comerica Park

The historic Venezuelan hitter, Miguel Cabrera, returned home to Comerica Park in the City of Detroit to start a series against the Kansas City Royals in what will be his farewell. Cabrera, affectionately known as “Miguelito,” has spread love for the sport since his arrival in the 2003 season with the Florida Marlins. Now, after a fruitful career, he has only six games left before his retirement.

Cabrera will play these last six games in front of the fans who have witnessed his brilliance since 2008. This is a significant moment for the Maracayero, and Detroit Tigers fans will have the chance to celebrate his legendary career during the “Miguel Cabrera weekend,” as officially designated by the Detroit management. The weekend will feature appearances from his family and former teammates.

Starting from Tuesday, September 26, the Detroit Tigers will face the Kansas City Royals in a series that will run until Thursday. The Tigers will then host the Cleveland Guardians for a three-game series from Friday to Sunday, October 1. These games will serve as a tribute to Cabrera’s remarkable career.

Cabrera joined the Detroit Tigers at the age of 25, coming from the Florida Marlins in December 2007. He has left behind countless memories and records with the team, which fans could spend hours reminiscing about.

Upon his return to Comerica Park, Cabrera was welcomed by the Detroit fans with loud applause. After completing a successful nine-game tour of the Western United States, competing against the Los Angeles Angels, Los Angeles Dodgers, and Oakland Athletics, Cabrera’s compatriot Zack Greinke, Salvador Perez, and the main umpire, John Tumpane, walked away to allow Cabrera to receive the well-deserved ovation.

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Over 30,000 fans attended the Tigers’ stadium to witness the “Last Dance” of the last active Triple Crown winner. The fans of both the Kansas City Royals and the Tigers stood up and applauded for more than a minute, showing their appreciation for Cabrera’s accomplishments. The joy on Cabrera’s face was evident, indicating that he has already embraced the success of his career.

As Cabrera enters the final stretch of his remarkable journey, fans eagerly await the remaining games and look forward to celebrating the legacy of one of the greatest hitters in baseball history.

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