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Milan, Calabria and Theo, a goal from … number 9 and number 10. Davide: ‘Play studied during the week’

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The full-back at the end of the match: “There are many strong teams, but there are none stronger than Milan”

It takes fantasy to imagine scoring your team with two full backs. After that, you need high-level tactical knowledge and, of course, players capable of doing it. In Bergamo, Milan’s first goal came from the wings. Or rather, by two players who in theory should protect the team on the sides of the pitch. They are also called low wards, yet the goal that cleared the Gewiss Stadium match after 28 seconds experienced a decidedly unconventional development. Ball from Kessie to Saelemaekers, then to Hernandez and finally to Calabria. Where Theo did the number 10 and Davide the number 9. Theo skidded as he likes, concentrating, observing the movement of his partner and serving him on the race with a refined left touch. Davide made the same movement, ending up with an attack terminal launched towards the opposing goalkeeper. Rebic’s movements have created space for him, Saelemakers’s have opened up the corridor for him. It is an orchestra that moves following the same score and where everyone knows the right movement to do.


For Calabria it was a triumphal evening. First of all, because he was wearing the armband. It happens when Romagnoli sits on the bench and by now Davide begins to have some experience. But when you play on the team you’ve always cheered for, you never get used to certain things. Triumphant because, in short, if scoring a goal is not exactly normal for a full-back, doing it after 28 seconds is something exciting. Especially in the context of a match that is fundamental for the team’s European ambitions and in front of an opponent with the same goals. De Roon’s words have a certain effect: “Theo and Calabria were very fast, it was difficult. Milan are doing very well, they can always score goals ”. First of all, kudos for honesty, but in fact it was difficult to say different things. Hernandez prompter and Calabria finalizer are one of Milan’s thousand ways of finding the goal. An honor that comes from afar, since Pioli had started studying how to score the first times Ibra was missing. He studied well, because the Devil knows how to score with so many different men and in so many different ways. Above all, the flow of the game stands out: they are actions sought and maneuvered, not the result of chance or isolated episodes. Just think of Liverpool’s two goals to confirm this.

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But Calabria’s screaming evening did not end here and was also tinged with blue. The knockout of Toloi (which until yesterday seemed recoverable) has again thrown open the national team and the news was made official close to the match. Adrenaline effect. “My goal? – Davide said after the match – We have prepared that game in these days, it was absolutely prepared to enter with the full backs almost as if we were midfielders. It was no accident. There are many strong teams, but there is none stronger than Milan in my opinion: we think about ourselves and believe we are the strongest. Pioli gives us confidence, he has a clear idea that makes us all perform at our best. Intensity sets us apart, we manage to have rhythm throughout the game by putting even great teams underneath. The high and suffocating pressing is bringing us results: we are understanding it and we are all giving each other a great hand ”.

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