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Milan, Giroud is the new king of San Siro: “But now I want to score away too …”

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For the Frenchman, four goals in six appearances, all at the Meazza and never missing the appointment (like Balotelli in 2013): “Is ours a united group? This is what I like so much about our team”

Pippo Inzaghi’s goals can now rest in peace. They no longer have to shake the nights of Milan and its strikers, because now there are those who have finally collected the legacy of the number 9 jersey. . Even Ibra, one who loves to fight with the earthly world and, if he could, even with the otherworldly one, he preferred to fall back on another number when he was called to choose again.

Vital points

Olivier Giroud gave a kick to the curses – he is a man of his word, he promised it on the day of the presentation – and to the ball that slips into the docile goal with him. Let’s say that the only limit for the moment is the “location”: Olivier, who at San Siro – strange but true – had never set foot before this year, is definitely at ease at the Meazza: four goals for the Rossoneri , four home goals. The moment will also come when he will leave his mark far from Milan, but for the moment it can be enough. Because the goals of “Oliviero” are bringing vital points to the Devil’s ambitions: double in 4-1 against Cagliari, goal in 3-2 against Verona and monographic seal this time with Turin. Stamps on AC Milan’s passport for Europe.


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And to say that the Frenchman is not even going through his best moment of form. He was getting there at the beginning of the season, then Covid got in the way: for ten days he was locked up at home to train little and badly, with the muscles that slowly lost tone. And at 35 it’s even worse. When he came back, he found himself fighting with his back, which got the better of him for a while. Now he is better and the experience helps him to manage himself through the matches, exactly as Ibra does: Olivier is a fighter by nature, but in some cases it is enough to put his hand to experience. Technically, the goal was easy, but the movement is the part to appreciate: Giroud first understood where Krunic’s spike could have reached and slipped between two opponents who hadn’t guessed at all.


He cheered angrily, because the character is sanguine and the ideas are very clear. Just recently he had made it clear that he had “high hopes for the possibility of winning another title with my current club”, while at the end of the match he said: “We played a good game, I had a lot of contrasts with Bremer, he is a great defender. . I’m very happy because we did well at the beginning of the game and after Toro they didn’t have many chances to score. We were very solid in defense. We take the three points which is the most important thing. We play every three days, it’s not easy. Is ours a united group? This is what I like so much about our team. Personally I want to make the fans happy again, next time I’ll do everything to score away ”. Statistical curiosity: in the three-point era Olivier is the second AC Milan player to score in all of his first three home league appearances after Balotelli in 2013.

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