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Milan, Ibra and the healing knee: “Without limits”

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Milan, Ibra and the healing knee: “Without limits”

The Swede posted a photo of his legs, accompanied by “11 weeks later”

Now that the decision – the big decision: to move the whole family to Milan – has been taken, the observation point has improved even more. In Ibrahimovic’s life there was, is and will be strongly Milan. And he is, with a lot of patience, facing the path that will bring him back to the field – in 2023 – after the operation on his left knee.


A few days ago Zlatan had posted a photo practically posing as a bodybuilder, standing in front of the Milanello fields with swollen and contracted muscles. This time he published an image of his legs, lying on a bed and accompanied by the words “Unlimited, 11 weeks later”. The reference obviously goes to surgery in May: a reconstruction of the anterior cruciate with lateral reinforcement and meniscal repair. In practice, a knee refurbished in all parts.

What Ibra intends to point out with this last post is the “cleaning” of the limb: there are no scars or patches, and above the quadriceps it is beautifully stretched. In fact, there is also a story in support, where the Swede with a photomontage put a photo of the multi-waxed post-surgery one over the healed leg. Without limits, then: but this, being Zlatan, we already knew.

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