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Milan, Ibrahimovic close to returning: “The calm before the storm”

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Milan, Ibrahimovic close to returning: “The calm before the storm”

The Swedish champion posted a photo with an emblematic phrase, which heralds his imminent return to the field. He should be available to Pioli in January

Usual post, usual Ibra. He who watches the field from the VIP box and writes an emblematic sentence: “The calm before the storm”. Intuitive: “The calm before the storm”. Zlatan has targeted his return to the field with Milan, scheduled for mid-January. On the 4th the team will return to the field after the World Cup break against Salernitana. It is unlikely that Pioli will include the Swede among the squad, but never say never. In the meantime, the goal is to return at the end of the month to lend a hand to his teammates. The Swede, who has been sidelined since the end of May due to surgery on his left knee, can’t wait to return to the center of the attack and defend the Scudetto.

Come back in

Hence the motivational phrases on Instagram and training alone, away from the spotlight, while some of his teammates play the World Cup as protagonists (Theo and Giroud above all). Meanwhile, Zlatan’s recovery is proceeding smoothly. The database of doctors and physiotherapists contains a slew of valuable data to be updated day after day. It will be precisely these numbers that will establish the date of the return to the field. Every parameter (strength, speed, resistance) is updated. When the values ​​return in line with those prior to the injury, the Swede will be able to return. In the meantime, post photos that know of recovery. The viewfinder is already on January.

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Some numbers now. Ibra is 41 years old and hasn’t played since May 22, 2022, the day Milan slapped Sassuolo three times to win the Scudetto. The last image of him on a pitch is a goal disallowed in Reggio Emilia before the usual knee pain. From there the operation, the doubts about the future, the renewal for another year and finally the decision: “I won’t stop, I’ll keep playing”. Last year he scored 8 goals in 27 league and cup games, missing several matches due to injuries. The previous one even better, 17 goals and 3 assists in 27 games. Since he’s been here – also and above all thanks to Pioli’s work – Milan have changed course. It’s a fact. Some time ago he said he was afraid of the future, but he also admitted that he was ready to say enough. The messages on Instagram say this.

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