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Milan, Leao: the ‘appeals’ from Pioli and Tonali and a number one game

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Milan, Leao: the ‘appeals’ from Pioli and Tonali and a number one game

“Total” test of Portuguese, even in the defensive phase. The coach and his partner publicly invite him not to leave Milan

You can choose the version you prefer. The more diplomatic – but not so much – of Pioli (“My advice is to stay with us because we feel good. I tell him every day, but it’s what he wants too, I see that happiness of being with us ”), or the more peremptory one from Tonali (“He doesn’t think about the market, he’s a Milan player and wants to stay with us, we saw it even after the goal. We just have to hold on to him and love him”). Riddle: Who are they talking about? No come on, the answer is too easy. On the other hand, after such a performance, it’s practically impossible not to trip over Leao’s name. Recurring comment, more and more recurring sifting here and there: a cut above the level of the entire Serie A. On the other hand, the League had already given him the crown last season. Waiting to understand if there will be an encore – the only competitor at the moment is Kvaratskhelia – Rafa trains to conquer it. Because matches like this are a sort of consecration of the consecration, good for telling how Portuguese is in full evolution.


Pioli, in addition to having told him publicly once again that he wants to continue seeing him at Milanello, also said other things about Leao. And these are interesting things: “Today he played a game with such an attitude that, if he’s always like this, he’ll soon become a champion.” In fact it was a total match. To be picky, he could have avoided a couple of preciosities good only for the playstation, but we’re really splitting our hairs. Rafa first ripped Salernitana’s right flank in half, and then opened it in two centrally. The evolution of the species, if we think back to the first squeal after six minutes, blocked by Ochoa, and to the goal: two central percussions, as a centre-forward. To which he obviously alternated the main dish of the house, emerging from the left, as in the action that triggered Tonali’s doubling.

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At the antipodes

Technical and physical superiority at times embarrassing, and pay attention to the goal devoured by Giroud in the half hour: Rafa had the angle of the shot within reach, however he chose to serve the Frenchman in front of goal with a heel – this time yes – sensible, luxurious and impeccable . But if Pioli speaks of a practically perfect match for him, it is also thanks to his defensive attitude. There was a moment, after twenty-nine minutes, in which the Portuguese went to defuse a plot on the left of the bell trocar. Exactly: at the antipodes of his natural position. This is, in particular, the growth Pioli talks about because basically, leaving with a personal action or serving a back-heel assist are the things Leao doesn’t need to apply himself to.

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