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Milan, Maldini Jr and Colombo grow up: the future of the Devil is smiling

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Milan, Maldini Jr and Colombo grow up: the future of the Devil is smiling

The son of art, on loan to Spezia, was released at San Siro against the Rossoneri. The center forward climbs positions in Lecce: they aim to return. But there are many around Italy and abroad to gain experience

Daniel made San Siro tremble, Lorenzo made Naples tremble: a goal for the Italian champions, after contributing to the Milan Scudetto, and one for Spalletti who today wins them all but in August he stopped right in front of a young rookie as a starter in Serie A. The accounts, in this beautiful story, return only for Milan. Because Daniel Maldini and Lorenzo Colombo are the property of the Devil: the former wrote it in our DNA, red and black are the colors that have painted the family history for three generations (grandfather Cesare, dad Paolo and today Daniel, in fact) , the second has it written on the contract. Loan to Lecce with redemption right and counter-redemption option in favor of the club that raised him (dry loan, however, for Maldini at La Spezia). Different formulas, the same destiny, or at least this is what the interested parties are hoping for, and AC Milan watching them: for now we are growing and making our way to Serie A, preferably as protagonists, for the future we aim to return to the Home mother. All together passionately, like two years ago in Prague: AC Milan who won on the Sparta field, took the lead in the group and booked a place in the round of 32 of the Europa League fielded playmaker Maldini and center forward Colombo. A future project that today matures far from Milanello.

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In family

For the first time as an opponent at home, Daniel Maldini did things great: the first goal in Serie A with Spezia was a right hand drawn with a compass under the eyes of his father. With Milan, the only club in his career before the experience in Liguria, the second son of the dt had signed the first goal in Serie A, the first as a starter, at the Picco di La Spezia, and a year later he hit again, this time in jerseys reversed. La Spezia in destiny, of course, but also Milan, the club with which dad and grandfather won everything and where the magic was repeated in May: Paolo toasting his first championship as a manager, Daniel celebrating his first championship as a player , at twenty. “Leaving home made me responsible – Maldini Junior told Sportweek -: I feel older. I have a heavy surname, but I have learned to live it well. And if I am recommended, I have never noticed it”. Things are going pretty well in Spezia: the start was difficult, also because an injury slowed Daniel’s pace. When Gotti started giving him space, however, Maldini reciprocated: almost always convincing pieces, up to the San Siro goal. “I was sure Daniel would score, you can hear some things”, commented Pioli after Giroud’s scissor kick in the 89th minute put things in order for Milan: Maldini scored and Rossoneri victorious. On Sunday, in Verona, Spezia will chase their third victory in the league: after joining the race with Udinese, Daniel is playing for the place with Verde and it is not certain that he will not take it. Step by step, to mature and soon re-embrace his Milan.

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Colombo also works for this: the goal at Maradona – beautiful and blossomed after a missed penalty, not bad in terms of personality – had remained embedded in the fourth day, we needed more. And Lorenzo hit nine rounds later, in Udine: if he scores, Lecce scores points. It also happens when he doesn’t score, but fights like a veteran: there is also his mark on the 2-1 at Atalanta the other night. At Milan, where after Ibra and after Giroud is still to be built, they observe and reflect. There in front, among the Rossoneri, Lazetic is also growing, who started scoring in the Primavera and in Cremona made his debut in A.

The others Away from the Devil make their way Marco Brescianini and Marco Nasti, both in Cosenza. The first is a staple of the Calabrian midfield and dreams of a path to Pobega; the 19-year-old of the same name is struggling to break through even if the stuff is there, assures those who saw him at work with the AC Milanese Primavera last year: 18 goals in 29 games. Emil Roback, a Swedish promise from Ibra’s Hammarby, wore the championship jersey in the summer and then flew to Denmark, at Nordsjaelland: more stands than pitch, for now. Between Alessandria and Olbia, on the other hand, Antonio Mionic, the Croatian midfielder 2001, and Gabriele Bellodi, 2000 who moves in defense, play. Making room for the Rossoneri would be objectively an undertaking for them, but dreaming costs nothing. Especially at that age.

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