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Milan Preview: Strive for 3 points to pressure Naples Grand Giroud to return from injury_Ibrahimovic

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Original title: Milan Preview: Strive for 3 points to pressure Naples Grand Giroud to return from injury

At 02:45 on October 4th, Beijing time, the seventh round of the 2021-22 Serie A focus battle will begin. The Rossoneri AC Milan will be a guest to challenge Atlanta. In this campaign, Ibrahimovic is still on the sidelines, in addition to Ibrahimovic, Milan will usher in a stronger lineup, facing the strong “true blue and black” Milan naturally hope to take all three points, so as to continue to put pressure on the helper Naples.

History of confrontation

In history, the two sides have played 139 times, Milan’s 66 wins, 46 draws and 27 losses have the upper hand. At home in Atlanta, the two sides played 70 times, Milan still prevailed with 30 wins, 24 draws and 16 losses. In the past 12 matches between the two sides, Milan has 2 wins, 6 draws and 4 losses without any advantage. In the two-round confrontation last season, Milan lost 0-3 at home to their opponents and came to the away game. Milan defeated Atlanta 2-0.

Aspect 1: Ibrahimovic is still watching Giroud lead the striker

In the press conference before the game, Milan coach Pioli confirmed that Ibrahimovic could not participate in the game. Fortunately, Milan’s head striker Giroud has returned from injury. However, although Giroud has already played the game, his state still needs to be further adjusted. In addition to Giroud, Rebic, who has been in good shape recently, is also a major scoring weapon for Milan. The Croatian striker has always played magically in the strong dialogue recently. This campaign played against Atlanta, Giroud and Rebic. , Which will also determine the trend of this game.

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Aspect 2: Red and Black strive for 3 points to put pressure on Naples

After the first 6 rounds of Serie A, the Rossoneri’s record was very bright, with 5 wins and 1 draw without losing, with 16 points, temporarily behind the top team Naples by 2 points, ranking second in the Serie A standings. After the first 6 rounds, AC Milan scored 12 goals and only lost 3 goals. It can be seen that AC Milan, under the leadership of coach Pioli, is remarkable on both ends of the offense and defense. Although Milan is still far away from the real giants only in terms of strength on paper, from a certain perspective, after Juventus has gradually lost its soul, Milan can naturally see the hope of winning the championship, after all. Today’s Serie A is no longer a dominating situation.

Aspect 3: Can the youth storm continue to sweep Serie A

In the previous match against Venice, Milan had a 24-year-old starting lineup with an average age of 166 days, becoming the youngest starting lineup in Serie A this season. It can be said that this season Pioli’s lads also made waves on the field. Dias and Teo scored goals, and Sarre Marks turned into a dashing man, Daniel Maldini. He also scored his first goal on behalf of Milan’s first team. From this perspective, Pioli has a future that belongs to Milan. In this game against Atlanta, Pioli will naturally carry the youth storm to the end.

Injury report

Atlanta: Hartbull (injury), Gosens (injury)

Milan: Kronic (injury), Bakayoko (injury), Ibrahimovic, Florence (injury)

Pre-match sound

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Pioli: Our journey started with the famous Atlanta 5-0 Milan in January last year, and then Ibrahimovic, Kjaer and Salmacols came to strengthen the team’s lineup. But this journey is far from reaching the end, just as the road ahead of Zlatan has not been completed. Tomorrow is a very important game for us. Atlanta is a strong team that has participated in the Champions League for four consecutive years. We Must have the right degree of concentration to prepare for the battle. I don’t know how many years Zlatan (Ibrahimovic) can play, but according to my observation, with his enthusiasm and desire to show in training, I can say that he can play forever. With this mentality, Zlatan can overcome any difficulties, 100% can continue to play many games, because his enthusiasm for the sport is incredible, so I hope he can continue to play, Zlatan can also do whatever he wants Anyway, if I can give him a gift, I will continue his career as long as possible.

Predict the starting

Atlanta (3-4-3): Musso/Gumhiti, Rafael Troy, Demiral/Machel, Froule, Zampa Costa, De Jongen/Marino Wowski, Zapata, Persina

Milan (4-2-3-1): Meignan/Calabria, Kjaer, Tomori, Special O/Tomori, Casey/Salemakles, Dias, Leo /RebicReturn to Sohu to see more


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