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Milan Stadium, green light for the feasibility study to renovate San Siro: the outcome of the Sala summit with Inter and Milan

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Milan Stadium, green light for the feasibility study to renovate San Siro: the outcome of the Sala summit with Inter and Milan

A very brief meeting, just 35 minutes. Which brings out two opposing aspects: on the one hand there is a traced road, on the other hand the caution of the two clubs remains. Thursday morning at 9 am the mayor Giuseppe Sala welcomed the corporate managing director of the company to Palazzo MarinoInter, Alessandro Antonelloand the president of Milan, Paolo Scaroni. The project for the renovation Of San Siro, to date the only option to try to keep the two clubs at the Meazza stadium. For now, Sala has obtained a first formal step: the green light to feasibility study which will be presented in Three months and Webuild. Only at the end of May, with documents in hand, will it be decided whether the idea of ​​restructuring can definitively come to life. Inter and Milan will want it certain answers especially on one point which is currently crucial: the possibility of being able to continue to play at the Meazza while the work is in progress.

The restructuring plan – Last January 31st, again at Palazzo Marino, it was introduced the renovation project advanced by the architect Giulio Fenyves of study Arco Associates. The plan from approx 300 million eurosaccording to an initial estimate, involves the redevelopment of the area, the construction of a fourth ring in the upper part of the current first ring and a progress of the works for construction sites consecutive, to allow spectators access to the majority of existing stands, during each phase. The idea – which had been welcomed with coldness by the two clubs – gained strength after the società WebBuild has publicly demonstrated the own availability to carry out the works. So Sala decided to call Inter and Milan together to try to embark on a shared path.

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The first opening of the clubs – Today’s meeting, although interlocutory, has already set some boundaries. “Webuild SpA will collaborate pro bonoaccording to the availability in this sense already expressed, with the drafting of a feasibility study which must be delivered in three months; the teams will produce guidelines for a possible one renovation which leads to the availability of a more modern and efficient stadium”, reads a joint note following the meeting. “After this, the municipal administration and the teams they will check the possibility and the ways to proceed”, continues the statement. The signal of an openness on the part of the two clubs to once again considering the San Siro hypothesis, even in cohabitation.

The issue of capacity – Another fundamental step of the press release highlights what was reiterated by Inter and Milan: “The need for a protection dell’eventuale loss of capacity availability of the stadium during the works. The interventions must therefore be compatible with the calendar of the matches, of the sporting events and entertainment events, in order to avoid economic damage“. Playing too many matches at an excessively small capacity would be one economically unsustainable loss for the two Milan teams, which for this reason they initially had discarded the hypothesis of a restructuring on the model of Bernabeu to Madrid or Camp We to Barcelona.

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Conditions and alternatives – Inter and Milan also reiterated two other conditions essential: the construction of other buildings around the stadium and the property of the new plant. The statement reads: “They must be considered in the project urban developments in the San Siro area, in particular for its retraining. A binding question, in the forms to be defined, is what the stadium will have to become owned by the teams“. “The Mayor – concludes the note – has noted that the teams will continue to explore the possibilità alternative in place, with the hope, however, that the path undertaken at San Siro will quickly lead to a satisfactory conclusion for all the players on the pitch.” So, for the moment Inter and Milan are open to a restructuring but remain cautious, continuing to work on alternatives. Milan has already purchased the land at for 40 million euros San Donato Milanesewhile the Nerazzurri have a pre-emption clause on the area of Rozzano-Assago to be exercised by April.

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