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Milan, the charge of 150,000 to smile again

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Milan, the charge of 150,000 to smile again

We are moving towards sold out both in the league with Juve and in the Champions League with Chelsea. Over three days, San Siro will experience two more gala evenings

The moods of the Rossoneri people are obviously what they are. With eight injuries it was objectively difficult to think of also winning Stamford Bridge, but the three to zero of the blues went beyond the most pessimistic forecast because Milan never entered the game. The next day, criticisms rained on social media and the alleged culprits were identified, but in the meantime there are already those who are preparing for the double luxury catwalk that will dress San Siro for the umpteenth time.


Juve arrives on Saturday at 6pm. Deluxe challenge regardless of the difficulty of the two teams. On Tuesday next week, 9pm, the rematch with Chelsea. In both cases high-level football, in both cases games with an already decisive flavor. And if in the championship there will still be time to eventually straighten the rudder, in the Champions League against the English it is necessary to achieve a result. The appeal for both matches is strong and the AC Milan fans have certainly not waited for the latest releases from the Devil to decide whether to go to the stadium. Juve and Chelsea are worth their presence at San Siro regardless. And so it will be.

Never under 60 thousand

In fact, we are heading towards two sold out in the space of three days, both in the league and in the Champions League. Only a handful of coupons remain available in the most expensive sectors, which are expected to be placed. It means a projection of about 150 thousand people spread equally between the two super challenges (the maximum capacity of the Meazza is currently 75,817 spectators). There is consistency, no doubt. So far in the home games played by the Rossoneri the lowest odds have been 61,341, against Dinamo Zagreb. The other matches were all over 70,000: Udinese, Bologna, Inter and Napoli. List to which Juve and Chelsea will now be added. For the Devil undoubtedly an excellent reason to restart with the right stimuli.

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