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Milan, what’s the point of this championship? Only the Europa League can save Pioli’s season (and his bench)

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Milan, what’s the point of this championship?  Only the Europa League can save Pioli’s season (and his bench)

He can’t win it anymore scudettobut not even slip out of prime quattro. It is definitely lower than theInter, and that 5-1 in the first leg is there to remember it indelibly. But it is also too superior to the others AtalantaBologna and Roma to actually fear being caught. She can’t look forward or behind her, she doesn’t play badly, but not that well either. What’s the point of championship of the Milan? The team of Stefano Pioli finds himself in a strange limbo, which concerns the present and indirectly also the futureand inevitably touches closely the position of his trainer. Out of the championship race, already eliminated in the group (albeit iron) in Champions Leaguethe opinions on the Rossoneri season to date are inevitably negative, but perhaps also a little ungenerous. Looking closely at the numbers, the trend in championship it’s decent: Milan has 5 points more than last year, only 3 less than 2022, the year of scudetto.

It is true that in the summer they were almost spent 100 millionin exchange for the sole sale of Tonaliand that the squad has been strengthened, but it has also changed a lot and not all the purchases on the market have been successful (well Pulisic e LoftusCheekcosì così Reijndersbad Chukwueze, inexplicable Okafor, not to mention the unfilled holes in defense, playmaking and attack). In a season decimated by the injurieswhich for goodness sake cannot be just a coincidence, the Milan he is still doing his part, locking in his qualification Champions which has always been the minimum objective declared by the company. If today he is so far from the top, it is more due to the merits of others (Inter’s unstoppable march, similar to that of Napoli of last year), than for its own demerits. The recent slide of Monzathe result of a reckless turnover which obviously attracted various criticisms to Pioli, can also be explained by this strange situation of classification. The draw with Atalanta, which further widened the gap from Inter, however came at the end of a good performance which confirmed the superiority over the prima pursuer.

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But football is above all emotion and Milan effectively find themselves without concrete objectives in February, with four months to go still to play with who knows which ones reasonsbecause the second place occupied by Juve it’s worth just a few million in revenue. Probably it depends precisely on this pessimism that can be felt in the Rossoneri home. Paradoxically, if the team had fared worse, and were now involved in the fight Champions, the judgments would be more severe but perhaps the environment would feel more alive. Instead he sank into this sort of depression sportywhere it is difficult to weigh the disappointment of the fans, who can’t wait to torpedo Pioli and open a new cycle with Conte or whoever for him, and give a calm evaluation to the season. If the championship does not allow this, the watershed between success and failure becomesEuropa League. The second continental cup, which will not be the Champions League but still has its value, and moreover the Rossoneri have never won, is at this point Milan’s true and only objective. Winning it, or at least reaching the final in Dublin, would give meaning to a season otherwise condemned to mediocrity. Which Milan cannot afford. And neither Pegs.

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