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MilanoTRI, spectacular challenges. Pozzatti gets the better of Sarzilla. All winners

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MilanoTRI, spectacular challenges.  Pozzatti gets the better of Sarzilla.  All winners

An exceptional sight. The Idroscalo in Milan, Saturday 20 April, was the perfect stage for an entire day of great sport by FollowYourPassion. Splendid blue sky and sun accomplices, and triathletes of all ages and runners. A fairly cold wind tried to disturb the party, but failed. Colorful bodysuits, smiles, chatter and lots and lots of competition but also fun were the perfectly mixed ingredients for an event that thrilled everyone, from the first to the last participant.

More than 2,500 athletes were at the start, giving rise to exciting challenges first in the MilanoTRI, contested over sprint distances (750 m swimming, 20 km cycling and 5 km running) and Olympic (1.5 km swimming, 40 km of cycling and 10 km running), then with the UNATRIYOUNG, valid for the Coppa Lombardia Giovani and Giovanissimi, and finally with the Milano10K, the 10 km of competitive and non-competitive running.

In the MilanoTRI sprint the fastest were Gianluca Pozzatti (707 Team Minini) and Angelica Prestia (CS Army-Raschiani Triathlon), who stopped the clock at 52’34” and 59’16” respectively. On the Olympic distance, Kiril Polikarpenko (707 Team Minini) reached the top step of the podium in 1:46’52” and Adelaide Anna Badini Confalonieri (K3 Cremona) in 1:57’38”. The Milano10K winners were Andrea Soffientini (ASD Dinamo Sport) in 30’41” and Laura Nardo (Atl. Lecco Colombo Costruzioni) in 35’44”.

MILANOTRI SPRINT, THE RACE AND THE WINNERS’ STATEMENTS – Three of the absolute protagonists of the MilanoTRI on sprint distance: from the first fraction Paola Sacchi (Raschiani Triathlon), her teammate – also registered for the CS Army – dictated the pace. Angelica Prestia and Denise Cavallini (DDS-7MP Triathlon Team). Only along the last 5 km did Prestia gradually manage to gain meters ahead of her two direct pursuers, crossing the finish line first in 59’16”. Second was Sacchi in 59’27”, third was Cavallini in 59’31”.

«I’m happy to have inaugurated my competitive season at home, I live not far from the Idroscalo. After a troubled winter, in which I suffered an injury, this victory is what we need. For this I thank both my clubs, the Army and the Raschiani Triathlon. Now I’m looking at international competitions, the first will almost certainly be the European Triathlon Cup in Caorle (VE) on the weekend of 10-12 May”, the words of Angelica Prestia.

The predictions of the day before were respected, with the two Italians Gianluca Pozzatti (707 Team Minini) and Michele Sarzilla (DDS-7MP Triathlon Team) dueling for the victory until the final stages. They were the first to gain the transition zone after swimming and established themselves as pacesetters throughout the cycling portion, during which they regularly took turns in the lead. Hot on their heels, without any sign of slowing down, is junior Daniele Moruzzi (Doria Nuoto Loano). This was until the start of the race, when Pozzatti gained a good margin over Sarzilla, winning the race in 52’34”. The DDS-7MP rider finished in second place in 53’10”. Third, thanks to an excellent walk, Nicolò Astori (Raschiani Triathlon) in 53’36”. Moruzzi, who paid the price in the run test for the high pace he maintained especially in cycling, slipped to sixth place in 54’54”.

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«I’m happy with first place – declared Gianluca Pozzatti – but also and above all with the sensations I felt throughout the race: I’m in a high training load cycle, so having felt so good can only make me look forward to the next international races , the last two valid for Olympic qualification, with positivity and enthusiasm. I will be at the start of the WTCS Yokohama on May 11th and the one in Cagliari on May 24th.»

«It was a great boost – commented Michele Sarzilla –. I immediately understood that Pozzatti was in excellent shape: even today competing with him was stimulating, a physical challenge but also a challenge of nerves. In swimming I fell behind a bit, then I recognized Gianluca and followed him. In cycling we collaborated and in running he left. Maybe I suffered a little from the cold, especially in the water and I had some difficulty walking: my legs hurt, but I managed to silence my brain so that you never missed an opportunity to remind me. Second place? That’s fine. This is an intermediate goal. On Tuesday he will leave for China where, in Chengdu, on Monday 29 April he will compete in the triathlon World Cup. Then, I will be at WTCS Yokohama on May 11th and Cagliari on May 24th.»

MILANOTRI OLIMPICO, THE RACE AND THE WINNERS’ STATEMENTS – In the women’s field, with the Italian and great favorite Bianca Seregni (DDS-7MP Triathlon Team) absent due to flu, it was a three-way race, among the K3 Cremona Adelaide standard bearers Anna Badini Confalonieri and Alessia Orla, and Carlotta Bonacina (Valdigne Triathlon). Coming out of the swim one after the other, also in the company of Giorgia Messori, also from K3 Cremona who then separated in the pedaling section, they collaborated for all 40 km of cycling, taking turns dictating the pace. In the running test it was Badini Confalonieri who left the other two behind, touching the red carpet leading to the finish line first. 1:57’38” her time. Orla came second in 1:58’30”, third was Bonacina in 1:58’43”.

«It’s my first Olympic distance triathlon, it couldn’t have gone any better – said Adelaide Anna Badini Confalonieri -. We had a three-way race, then in the final 10 km run, initially, I lost a bit of ground compared to Orla and Bonacina, I didn’t feel great and I preferred to slow down. Once the crisis was over, I increased my speed and, since I was getting better and better, I tried to distance them as much as possible. I know very well that I’m not strong in the sprint.”

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Among the men, a very hard-fought race with only one name, however, among the protagonists from the first stages to the final stages: Kiril Polikarpenko (707 Team Minini). Together with Elia Finazzo (Tri Team Brianza), who came out of the water with him, he maintained the lead of the race for the entire first of the four cycling laps, at the end of which the duo was caught by the small group of pursuers among whom they were pedaling teammate Davide Ingrillì, Federico Murero (Tri Team Brianza), Luca Bruni (K3 Cremona) and Davide Allegri (Raschiani Triathlon).

In the final 10 km of running Polikarpenko greeted everyone, flying towards victory, achieved in 1:46’52”, ahead of Ingrillì in 1:47’06” and Bruni in 1:47’23”.

«I’m happy with the result, good event, well organized – declared Polikarpenko once he was seen by the doctor for an ankle problem -. I sprained myself on the first lap of the race. How did I continue? When you’re racing, you don’t feel anything. As soon as I crossed the finish line, I never walked again.”

Kiril Polikarpenko and Adelaide Anna Badini Confalonieri, thanks to their success at the MilanoTRI, are the new regional Olympic triathlon champions.

MILANO10K, THE WINNERS – Andrea Soffientini (ASD Dinamo Sport) and Laura Nardo (Atl. Lecco Colombo Costruzioni) climbed to the top step of the podium in the competitive Milano10K. Soffientini finished his race in 30’41”, preceding Marco Broggi (ASD Daunia Running) at the finish line in 31’36” and Davide Perego (Falchi-Lecco) in 31’40”. Nardo, with a time of 35’44”, was faster than Claudia Previtali (Vanotti Running Team) in 38’11” and Monia Acerbis (Atl. Valle Brembana) in 38’21”.

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It was precisely the 10 km of running, competitive and otherwise, that closed the multi-sport day of FollowYourPassion. Many enthusiasts have decided to run at sunset in the tranquility and safety of the Idroscalo park.

THE YOUTH RACE – A show within a show: the UNATRIYOUNG, valid for the Lombardy Youth and Youth Cup, organized by FollowYourPassion in collaboration with the UNA Triathlon Team and reserved for children and young people aged 6 to 15, brought excitement with competitive spirit and joy the break between the two MilanoTRI races: transformed into a duathlon due to the water temperature being too cold, it had nothing to envy of the competitions reserved for the older ones in terms of enthusiasm and desire to wear that bib which, in fact, gives the athlete “diploma”.

MADUNINA TROPHY – The winner of the second edition of the Madunina Trophy, awarded to the team with a minimum of 10 members and with the lowest average time over the Olympic distance, was CNM Milan.

TRIATHLON SERIES by FOLLOWYOURPASSION – MilanoTRI inaugurated the Triathlon Series by FollowYourPassion 2024, the circuit dedicated to the triple discipline which, thanks to the renewed collaboration with Alé, a cycling and triathlon clothing brand, will offer a rich prize pool dedicated to the teams that bring the greatest number of athletes at the start of the four events. Three stages still remain to be played: ChiaTRI, LovereTRI and PeschieraTRI.

Furthermore, at each race, the winners of the longest distance will receive a special prize: participation in a 2025 FollowYourPassion circuit event of their choice.


Also in 2024, MG Sport with the FollowYourPassion brand confirms itself as a leading organizer in the world of endurance, with running races, road cycling and mountain biking, open water swimming and triathlon. There are 17 events on the calendar.

The calendar

3 February – Bergamo Urban Night Trail

4 February – Bergamo21

20 April – MilanoTRI – Idroscalo

20 April – Milano10K

25 April – ChiaSWIM (Chia Sport Week)

27 April – ChiaTRI (Chia Sport Week)

28 April – Chia21 (Chia Sport Week)

5 May – Olbia21

18 maggio – The Loop Roma

9 June – MontBlanc Granfondo

7 July – LovereTRI

27 July – Alta Valtellina Bike Marathon

15 September – Monza21

5-6 October – Peschiera TRI

20 October – The Loop Milan

24 November – Milan21

Monza 12H – coming soon

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