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MiLB Unveils New Logo and Brand Identity with Four Star Modifications

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MiLB Unveils New Logo and Brand Identity with Four Star Modifications

Minor League Baseball (MiLB) has announced the formal presentation of modifications made to its official image, which will represent its four categories and 14 leagues. One of the notable changes is the addition of four stars that symbolize the steps prospects must take before reaching Major League Baseball (MLB).

Morgan Sword, the vice president of operations for MLB, emphasized the strong relationship between MiLB and the big leagues, stating, “The relationship between Minor League Baseball and the Big leagues has never been stronger. This new brand identity is a testament to that strength.” Sword also expressed gratitude towards fans and players and unveiled the new logo of the Minor League.

Kristin Barnett, the director of marketing for the minors, added that the logo is part of a broader brand marketing effort to raise awareness about the exceptional fan experience in each stadium. Barnett expressed excitement about MiLB being recognized as a fundamental part of the development of future stars.

The new logo will appear during the National Championship game of Triple-A in Las Vegas on Saturday night. It will also be featured in the production of the new awards show, MiLB, on the MLB Network on October 2. The logo distribution will be updated in all media associated with the MiLB system and will be incorporated into all contact points starting from the 2024 season.

MiLB shared a tweet honoring the game’s history and looking forward to the future. The tweet included a link to a video showcasing the new logo.

The modifications to MiLB’s logo highlight its commitment to providing a platform for aspiring players to reach their professional baseball dreams while maintaining a strong connection to the Major Leagues. The new image represents a significant milestone in the relationship between MiLB and MLB, reinforcing the importance of the minor leagues in developing future baseball stars.

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