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Mindfulness: 5 tips to unplug

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Mindfulness: 5 tips to unplug

The Mindfulness can really help us and detach the spina and forget it stress: just follow 5 practical tips.
The right suggestions to regenerate body and mind during the summer break. Which are these:
1. Pay attention to your breath
2. Recall a positive memory
3. Bring your attention back to the sensations present
4. Organize new routines
5. Be present, listen to your body

Mindfulness: 5 tips to unplug

It’s finally time for relaxation, holidays and a break.
Whether you stay in the city, whether you leave for a adventurous journey or for a more “peaceful” stay by the sea or in the mountains, the imperative to come back more energized than before is to really unplug and prevent the mind from being invaded by thoughts of work and “things to do” that await us on our return and that do not allow us to reach the right state of relaxation to be able to regenerate body and mind.
Here are the 5 tips from EpiCura psychologists to live “here and now”, returning to the present moment thanks to mindfulnessan increasingly widespread practice that leads to achieving the maximum self-awareness.

1. Bring your attention back to your breath

Whenever your mind takes you away from the present moment, gently bring your attention back to your breath, to the air entering your nostrils and leaving your mouth. Inhale and exhale calmly, remembering that the exhalation must be slower and longer compared to inspiration.
Try to feel the temperature of your breath, a focus on you on sensations bodily and let go of the tensions and worries that come to bother you. It is a real one trainingso give yourself time to approach mindfulness calmly, no hurry.

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2. Brings back a positive memory

The goal of being in the present moment it is not freeing oneself from thoughts. Our mind produces thoughts 24/7 and unfortunately we do not have the power to control them, but we can direct our attention towards lighter thoughts.
Whenever a negatively emotional thought comes up, bring it to mind a positive memory, a moment of serenity or joy, in order to counterbalance the negative feelings that are difficult to accept.


3. Bring your attention back to the sensations present

When you observe that your mind is oriented towards the future (a time that is yet to come) or towards the past (a time now lived), notice where are you in the “here and now”, focusing attention on who you are with and what you are doing right now.
Whenever your mind takes you away from the present, from the “here and now”, gently bring your attention back to the sensory experiences you are having.
Observe 5 objects around you, hear at least 3 smells and 3 sounds, and touch 3 things. Let yourself be crossed by your senses.

4. Organize new routines

Organize new routines that you spend time in (at least 15 minutes a day) to focus on your breath. You can do it for example by walking in the mountains or by the sea, or you can stay just sitting, with eyes closed.
Try both experiences and choose the one that is most comfortable and suitable for you. You can also focus on your body through short guided yoga or pilates sessions

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5. Be present, listen to your body

Whether you are on holiday alone or in company, let yourself be enveloped by the context in which you find yourself, from the new landscape to your awakening, from new habits.
Be present, listen to your body and make room for a slower movement, less hectic than everyday life.
Don’t always look at your watch or cell phone.
Dedicate a special time to yourself each day. Be aware of your breath and enjoy the present moment.
[Photo by Daniel Torobekov from Pexels e Elina Fairytale from Pexels]


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