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Mirotic and Shields, a dream night

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Mirotic and Shields, a dream night

«Mirotic and Shields, a dream night. Milan stops Real” headlines the Gazzetta dello Sport on page 39. And again: “They escape to +21, then resist the league leaders’ comeback: Olimpia remains in the running.”

Thus Paolo Bartezzaghi: «It’s difficult to explain how a team that has thrown away so many victories, and a good chunk of the Euroleague, can experience such a magical evening and beat Real Madrid who are dominating this Euroleague. Of course, Nikola Mirotic hadn’t yet enjoyed Milan at this level of excellence.”

«At his side Shavon Shields kept the attack going and stole the ball with 21 seconds left with Real Madrid down 3. And the whole team played and fought. Reaching tenth place would be a miracle and this victory, like those against Barcelona, ​​increases the regrets for what could have been and wasn’t.”

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