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Molina greets Argentina as owner: he returns with Vinicius ‘lambreta’

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Millions of views for the Brazilian’s dribbling against Juventus posted on Twitter by Real Madrid Beyond the “number”, Nahuel is confirmed in the Albiceleste and Gotti will be able to see him again today at Bruseschi


Playing for your national team is like that bar saying about women and engines: it involves joys and sorrows. Confirmation can come in these hours not only from the Azzurri, who have passed from the altar of the European Championship to the dust of a World Cup yet to be won within four months. The bianconero Nahuel Molina can also repeat it who, after winning the America’s Cup with Argentina last night in San Juan, while in Italy it was late at night, also played as a starter against Brazil, the mother of all the matches of the soccer South American. In short, for the 23-year-old from Embalse the confirmation of being an element on which coach Lionel Scaloni counts a lot in view of the next World Cup, to which theAlbiceleste will participate, despite the 0-0 final against leaders Brazil, as Ecuador defeated Chile, indirectly putting the stamp on the Argentine pass.

But alongside this personal satisfaction, Molina returns to Friuli with Vinicius’ “lambreta”, the Brazilian’s dribbling against Juventus published by the official Real Madrid account which has received millions of views along with the comment: «¡Madre mía». A fragment of the match of a few seconds that was removed after a few hours on the recommendation of the copyright owner of the images of the matches of the world qualifiers, confirming the popularity of the post.

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But what is the “lambreta” in South America? In Italy, the gesture is called a bicycle to recall the “pedal” that the dribbler does when he lifts the ball behind him, holding it between the tip of one foot and the heel of the other, and then goes to hit him with the heel to lob on yourself and on your own marker, in this unfortunate case Molina who at the 19th minute of the second half, a few meters from the corner kick line to the right of the goalkeeper, was mocked by Vicinius, a gesture in any case fine to himself, since he did not subsequently create a real danger for the defense of the home team.

The ridicule of the Brazilians remains for a dribbling that, ironically, the cinema celebrated through a film starring an Argentine footballer, Osvaldo Ardiles, one of the 1978 world champions, called to interpret “Escape to victory” with Silvester Stallone , the story of the match – actually played – in a Nazi German detention camp during the Second World War between the Germans and the English prisoners. Also for this reason there was no lack of responses from the Argentine fans who published the tunnel by the thousands – the spout – by Angel Di Maria to Vinicius himself during the same 90 minutes.

Minutes that Molina has lived all on the pitch. Yesterday he embarked on an intercontinental flight and today he will be at Bruseschi to the delight of Luca Gotti. He will carry out an unloading session, as the Danish Stryger Larsen did in the past few hours, who returned before the Argentine, all within the framework of what is the “recovery” program planned so that the Bianconeri nationals can dispose of competitive efforts and jet lag. —

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