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Mollicone murder, Serena died after 5 hours of agony: asked 24 years for Marco Mottola

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Mollicone murder, Serena died after 5 hours of agony: asked 24 years for Marco Mottola

Serena Mollicone died after 5 hours of agony, killed by those who could and should have protected her inside a carabinieri station, that of the village of Arce. For this the Cassino prosecutor has asked for a 30-year sentence for the then commander of the barracks, Franco Mottola, at 24 for his son Marco and at 21 for his wife Anna Maria. For all the accusation is that of competition in voluntary homicide, even if in the reconstruction of the prosecutors it would have been Marco Mottola the material author of the murder, while the parents would have dealt with the concealment of the body, later found in a grove near the small town of Ciociaria. The 30-year-old request for Franco Mottola was aggravated by the fact that at the time the man had a role within the police. 21 years after the 19-year-old’s crime, studded with silences and misdirections, the perpetrators of the Mollicone murder will finally be able to have a name and a face. In the final indictment, the prosecutors reconstructed moment by moment the last moments of the young woman’s life, starting from that door of the barracks “used as a weapon”.

According to reconstruction of the accusationin fact, Serena would have been thrown against the door of the door by Marco Mottola, then left in agony for four to six ore until she choked to death from duct tape over her mouth and nose. “Serena after the violent blow against the door of the barracks accommodation fell unconscious due to some skull fractures but could be rescued – explained the reconstruction of the report of the coroner -. She was left, however, in those conditions for four to six hours before being killed by the adhesive tape that was applied to his mouth and nose causing him to suffocate. “

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The motive, according to the indictment, it is linked to a dispute that Mottola had with Serena a few hours earlier. The girl went to the barracks to retrieve some books she had left in the car and there, according to her accusation, she was attacked. The prosecutor also stated that it was Mottola’s parents who dealt with the concealment of the body. The night between the first and the second of June 21 years ago “Franco and Anna Maria Mottola carry the body of Serena into the Fonte Cupa wood”, an element also confirmed by the analysis of the telephone records and the story of a witness.

In that grove, 8 kilometers from Arce, Serena was found on the morning of June 3, 2001: her body in a supine position among some shrubs, her head, with a conspicuous wound, wrapped in a plastic bag, hands and feet tied with scotch tape and wire. Adhesive tape also on the nose and mouth. In the indictment, the judges have also asked for a 15-year sentence for Vincenzo Quatrale, at the time deputy marshal and accused of external concurrence in murder, and 4 years for the police officer Francesco Suprano, who is contested for aiding and abetting. Both, according to the indictment, knew what had happened in the barracks, but decided not to speak. This was done years later by their colleague, Brigadier Santino Tuzi, who then committed suicide “because – in the words of the Cassino prosecutor – he was left alone by all those who knew, starting with his colleagues Suprano and Quatrale”.

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