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Monday 2-6: Analysis of Serie A Verona VS Lazio_Away_Home_Injury

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Monday 2-6: Analysis of Serie A Verona VS Lazio_Away_Home_Injury

Original title: 2-6 Monday: Analysis of Serie A Verona VS Lazio

Serie A Verona VS Lazio

Competition time: 2023-02-07 01:30:00

Stadium: Marc Antonio Bentegotti Stadium

Verona is currently ranked 18th in Serie A, ranking third from the bottom. The pressure to relegation can be described as huge, and it is very likely that they will not mix in Serie A in the coming year. Verona’s performance in the last five rounds of the league is not bad and remarkable, with two home wins and two draws and one loss away. One of the losses was a small loss to Inter Milan, and the home record has become more and more stable. The only disadvantage of Verona at present is that it is full of injuries, many main players are plagued by injuries, and their strength is greatly reduced.

Lazio, a veteran Serie A team, is currently ranked third in Serie A and is firmly in the Champions League. Lazio lost to Juventus in the Italian Cup this week and missed the semi-finals. This is also a good thing, the team can devote themselves to the league. Lazio has played steadily at home and away this season. This round of away game against the vice squad leader Verona should be a three-pointer.

In the past Serie A matches between the two sides, Lazio almost always crushed Verona. Judging from this game, although Lazio played away, and the loss of the Coppa Italia was not affected, Verona was plagued by injuries and wanted to play at home. It is more difficult to stop Lazio.Optimistic about Lazio

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